21 August 2013

Project Life week 33

Back to my normal routine of project life and it feels so good.

I had a lot this week what with meeting Sinead in London and then visiting uni friends over the weekend. I think on weeks like this it is easy to just focus on those two big events but I wanted to make sure I included some of those everyday instagrams. Each week has such a jumble of big events and little ones I didn't want my page to be pulled too far one way.

A lot of stories this week. I recorded a slightly more personal account of my trip to London to meet Sinead as well as my thoughts on seeing my uni friends again. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends. Alongside these stories I included the journalling from my "simply a moment" post. I have used blog posts several times in my PL spreads and always like how they fit in.

A lot of the usual but a few new things this week. First up I used a instagram template that has been flying around the internet recently. I liked the clean design of it, the little icon and the fact that you can customise the text underneath the photo. You can find the template from Cathy Zielske here. 

On the first page I used that instagram of the reels of cotton and added a create stamp. I liked the look of the time stamp on my holiday photos so recreated this. It was very simple to do. Just a blue circle with text in the middle and an adjusted opacity.

On the second page I had so many photos to use so took inspiration from my blog header and chucked a few of them in a semi circle with some simple words.

Anything else:
This project is still making me excited and is still challenging (in a good way) each week. I am so glad I stuck with it. I can't wait to see the progression of the pages as we move into Autumn.


Lea Lacoste said...

i love the look of journaling right on to the picture, i need to find a good pen to do the same really soon! also, regarding cut out letters on PL, i think it would look awesome. maybe days of the week on the 3x4 slots!

alexa said...

Glad it continues to be such a rewarding project, Abi. I do love the espadrilles and the overlay - very classy!

Anonymous said...

Love how you journaled on the espadrilles shot and also the circle of photos that remind of the blog header, that's totally cool !!
I too love this project and I'm excited each week to put my pages together, it's always challenging, even if it only means learning to let go of the embellishments and all and take a more simple route...

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I always love to see the fun layering of photos and text in your Project Life pages, Abi.

Ok, and I am just noticing that yours are completely digital. Have they always been digital? (Haha - sorry! Not very observant, huh?) I'm curious about how you print them. Do you print a 12x12 to slip into a sleeve? Or are you going to have them printed in a book similar to what Amy has planned?

Daphne said...

Love how this week turned out! I wish I had more to journal sometimes - I should be more adventurous I guess ;)

Abi said...

Hi Deb! I love that you have just noticed they are digital! I was going to print them out separately but after looking at the price of doing that and buying an album i think I am going to get them printed in a photo book at 12 x 12 size. Blurb have got a really good reputation so I think I'm going to try there.

Karen said...

I read a post last week about PL that made me reconsider starting one. It will be paper, though, but I think I've found a way to do it that might work for me. I love yours and all the design features you add to it each week.

Sinead said...

I really love this week's layout Abi, and I'm ridiculously excited that our meet-up in London features! The overlay with the shoes on the beach is fab and I like the collage of photos inspired by your blog header. Gorgeous! x