7 September 2013

the student makes- DIY sewing tidy

With the nights closing in, the children back in school and the students lazing around at home I thought I would kick start my mini series!

I ran "The student makes" last year and had so much fun trying to come up with fun projects that could be made with a couple of pounds/dollars. 
As a student I have little spare cash but strongly feel this doesn't stop me trying to create beautiful things. These are therefore projects for everyone, student or not, whether you have cash to splash or just change in your pocket. I'll try and create a bit of a mix too, some decor projects, some paper, some photography. Enjoy! 

So first up, a little sewing board....

I hate having my spools of cotton and bobbins littering my desk. When I am sewing I need to have things to hand so I made this little sewing board that can sit against my desk and tidy my things away. 

Supplies: (I have estimated cost. I had most of these things at home already)
Salvaged wood. Mine was 12 x 8" but work with what you've got: If it's salvaged it's free! 
Acrylic paint sample: £2.00
18 Tacks or small nails: £1.50

Hammer, sand paper, paintbrush, ruler. 

1. Grab your piece of wood and give it a good sand. I made sure the edges were smooth and free of splinters and that it was dirt free. My piece of wood had previously been treated so if you want to give it an aged look now would be the time to stain it. 

2. With your ruler mark where you are going to hammer in the tacks. I placed my nails approx 1.5 inches away from each other. This seems to be the right distance to hold a spool of cotton. 
I marked six nails for each row and did three rows. 

3. Hammer in your nails where you have marked. Try not to hit your finger ( not that I have done this!).  I find it helps to get low so you can see how far you need to hammer the nails in. It doesn't matter if it is a bit wonky! Don't hammer in the nails too far though as you need them to provide a shelf for your cotton. 

4. Turn the wood 90 degrees and write freehand a word of your choice. I chose "sew" and then painted over it in white paint. 

5. Add your cotton reels and stand back to admire your creation! When I moved this to my desk I added bobbins and a pair of scissors to some of the nails too. 



Tabet said...

lovely DIY! :)


Barbara Eads said...


Karen said...

Barbara took the word right out of my mouth! Great job!

Mel said...

Very cute!

furrypig said...

you are soooo talented what a clever idea xxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

A great little project. Handy and pretty.

alexa said...

Such a pretty way to both display but also to be able to find what you need! Very creative ...

Ruth said...

Super cute and so simple to achieve.

Sinead said...

I love this Abi, you are just so creative! It looks really cute and is functional and useful too. Looking forward to seeing more 'Student Makes' X

Sian said...

You do woodwork too?! Is there no end to this girl's talents :)

Becky said...

What a great idea and brilliantly made :-)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Fantastic. You are a very clever girl, Abi.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great project. You are such a giver Abby.