19 December 2013

Project Life

Dear Project Life,  I have neglected you lately. My creative energy has been sapped into work and I'm sorry. But you know what, I have got home and those ideas they are coming at me in force.

So, because I enjoy posting it here and because I value when others post their project life pages, this is week 49 in all its glory.

The penultimate week of term so quite a few photos to document. I had a few silly stories I wanted to include such as our triumph at changing the bulb in the ceiling light of the bathroom.
I also had lots of photos from our secret santa evening. The top photo on the right hand spread had a good amount of white space. In photoshop I cloned out the picture that was hanging on the wall behind the sofa so as to make more space to write.

I did my usual techniques for journalling this week- lots of journalling cards stuck directly on photos and titles written on too. I got out the graphics tablet again and really enjoyed adding some of my own handwriting to this weeks spread.

I needed a few fillers this week and have really liked the more clean and graphic side of project life that I have seen appearing. I had a play around and created those three red christmas 3 x 4 cards in that style. If you would like either the "comfort and joy" card or the "merry and bright" card I have them saved on file and would be happy to email them your way!

Anything else: 
I started putting the book together this week! Yes, you heard that correctly, the book is in production. I am itching to get it all uploaded and sent off but am hanging in there because I know that blurb do some decent discounts and the size of this book could mean it will be fairly pricey.

There are some weeks I have missed this year, I think two, and I debated about catching up. I then decided that doing so would be counter productive. I have few photos from those weeks and I certainly can't remember the detail of what happened. In the years to come I am not going to miss two weeks. Keeping it real folks!

I am planning and sketching and thinking about next year and my thoughts on this year. Stay tuned for more details on where I want this project to go in 2014!


scrappyjacky said...

I think you've done brilliantly to keep up as well as you have,Abi....and you're quite right about not missing those 2 weeks!!

Miriam said...

Lovely lovely pages Abi. So colourful and full of life.
Looking forward to seeing your printed book.

Sandra said...

I've loved seeing you layouts they've been so full of interest. I'm almost up to date on my own album and you've given me lots of inspiration. I will certainly continue PL next year

Amy said...

I'm going to try and start uploading my pages too - and then wait for a good discount to appear as the price will be hefty on mine too!

Don't stress the missed weeks one little bit - you won't miss them!

I have been playing around with ideas for next year over the past few days - makes for excellent procrastinating! Anyway, if you can believe it, I have gone simpler still?? Wonders will never cease!

Karen said...

I've yet to begin December's pages, though I'm keeping great notes. Love your spreads as always, and thinking about 2014 myself. I'll be interested to hear your plans.

Beverly said...

I am so impressed with how on top of this you have stayed. I think only missing 2 weeks is a huge success!

Anonymous said...

You've done brilliant keeping up with it so well. Mine is still sitting in May but I do have pictures for most weeks and I have my journal thingy I keep on my iPad so hopefully I can slowly get it done and like you wait for a good discount with blurb. I've enjoyed looking at your layouts and getting your fresh approach on it this year.

Sinead said...

Oh this is just lovely Abi, I really admire how you've kept up with PL so well all year and that book is going to be just a treasure :D Really looking forward to hearing about your plans for 2014 x