17 February 2014

For the love of creating- the weaving story

I love creating. I love the process of making something with my hands, of working at it and refining it and unpicking it and putting it back together.
I think my Dad understands that in me. That sometimes there doesn't have to be a use or a point but that just making is important.
I am thankful that he understands that.

I mentioned a while back that I got a loom for Christmas.
After a few goes at making some scarfs from some scrap wool I looked up a pattern and ordered some wool for the purpose of making a particular design.
Up to that point weaving had gone well, fiddly but no major catastrophes.

As soon as I started work on this project everything went wrong. I started by warping with the wrong colour, then I miscounted and then just as I was getting into my stride, I realised that the whole tension was off.

It was my Dad's day off work and carrying my loom into his study I looked at him and asked for help.
Thankfully he has more patience than me. Together we spent the afternoon trying to work out what had gone wrong.
We looked online, we fiddled with the yarn, we undid and unpicked. I had two weeks experience with weaving and we were fairly baffled.
At one point, in the jumble of untying many knots of wool he turned to me and said "I've always hated little bits of string!"

By the end of the day we had worked out what had gone wrong but were no closer repairing the damage or getting the project back to a workable state. I knew my Dad was still thinking of it though, trying to find a solution for this project so I could keep working on it.

After a think in the bath he came downstairs that evening with a note of triumph in his voice. He pulled out some string and the clamps and together we rigged up a new system with correct tension.

I am thankful that my Dad has more perseverance than I do, that he had the patience to sit and think logically about a project rather than just give up on it. He understood that it wasn't essential for me to finish this project but that it would be oh so good for my heart to sit and create it.

I said on instagram that night that one of the joys of handmade is that there are always imperfections and there are always stories. I am glad my Dad was part of the story on this one.

What have you created recently that has a bit of a story?


Sinead said...

This scarf is just beautiful Abi, it looks really professional and amazing :) I love the story behind this creative endeavour too, and the fact that your patient Dad figured out the solution. Well done! xxx

Sandie said...

You will treasure that scarf all the more with the story that goes with it. A brilliant piece of weaving, I am impressed

Mel said...

Aww what a great dad!

Nathalie said...

You actually loomed that scarf!!!???!!! I can not believe it!!!! It is beautiful and the memories it carries with it make it priceless!

Karen said...

It's just beautiful, Abi, and worth all the frustration. How lovely that you and your dad were able to solve the problem together.

Amy said...

I really notice it these days when my parents are with my own kids, I love seeing their patience and the care they take in explaining new things - I am very grateful!

alexa said...

I am sure he loved helping and encouraging you too, Abi - and between you, you have created a beautiful (and complex!) piece of art. I'd love to see a photo of the loom, if you ever feel up to showing us - I am intrigued!

Miriam said...

It is hard to explain to a non crafter about loving the process isn't it?
For my project 365 I made (in photoshop) a date stamp to go on the picture. Every day I change the date and I also want the text black one day and white on other days. Over the last few uses, saving and saving as, I have managed to get the stamp in a complete and utter muddle.
My darling husband sat at my desk, for ages and two cups of tea trying to unpick it for me....

Unknown said...

love this story and I love the scarf- it will always seem more special to you because of the trials and tribulations it took :)

scrappyjacky said...

This makes it a very special scarf indeed.

Missus Wookie said...

What a lovely scarf and story. Well done on tackling another craft so successfully.

Beverly said...

I know you see imperfection but I am totally floored that you created this!!! I tend to get frustrated and have to walk away when it's my project, I am much better if it's someone else's. The Chosen One has always been good in teaching/helping the boys.

Lizzie said...

Abi, what a precious memory is now attached to that great little scarf.. Something to remember for ever and tell your children - "your grandad always had so much patience and helped me with my special projects... I remember when I was trying to weave a scarf....." one for the Memory Book, that's for sure!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That scarf is beautiful and the thought of creating with your dad created a lump in my chest. I miss my dad very much, especially watching the stars.