22 February 2014

Project Life week 7 or what I do when i get behind

It's week seven folks and for the observant of you, yes I did miss weeks 5 and 6.
I've talked a few times on here about how I am ok to let it go when I miss weeks but thought it might be fun to share a few practical steps on what I do when I get behind with this project.

To start with though, I strongly believe this project should be done because it is FUN. If falling behind becomes a stress I know I need to rework my attitude towards it. 

1. This is a personal preference but I prefer to leave gaps rather than play catch up. For instance I hadn't done week 5 and 6 but rather than try and get them finished I instead went straight into week seven. I had the photos, I had clear memories of the week and I wanted to feel up to date. It's Psychological but it works for me. I know I can come back and fill in the gaps.

2. Grab a paper and pen and write any memories that are from the week you haven't completed or made. It can be a list of events, a funny conversation, whatever. Just write it down. It is far far easier to sit down and make those missing pages if you have journalling prompts to go from.

I sometimes do this when I know the week has been busy and know that it will be a while before I can make that weeks spread. Weeks at uni run into each other so writing down the detail of each one really helps make this project super simple.

3. Do the same for your photos. Go through your phone library, your iPhoto library. Look at the dates and jot down the photos that go with each week.
For instance when I come to make weeks 5 and 6, I have a little note on my phone that says what happened in that week and which photos I will include. Half the work is done already!
Both of these things you can do anywhere, on the bus, on the train, waiting at the school pick up. Five minutes, jot it down.

4. This is a long term goal rather than a quick solution. Look through some of your favourite bloggers and their PL spreads. If you have done this project before look through your own pages. Work out which designs you like, which photo placements work for you.
Jot these down and then you have a little inspiration journal ready and waiting. Again, it makes the decision making part easier.

If you have a bit more time consider making some templates. I do mine in photoshop. I open a journalling card, add a box where the photo will go and a box where the journalling will sit. All I have to do when making the page is pop each element in.

5. Drop the guilt. There is no right or wrong with this project. In years to come you will not flick through your album and be sad that you missed week five. The project is bigger than that.
Catch up when you feel you want to. Find an afternoon, grab a cup of tea, put on a good audiobook and off you go.

What do you do when you feel you are getting behind with craft projects or even life in general!?


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think this is exactly the right attitude to have Abi. I often hear people say they are so behind with their scrapping, not necessarily PL and I feel sad that they put themselves under that pressure. It's a hobby and it should be fun. We have enough stresses in our lives already.

Hannah P said...

Your EvWeek spread looks so good!

Karen said...

Even with a monthly PL I'm behind, but like you, I'm OK with it. I just pulled all the photos for January into a folder, made a list of some of the ideas I wanted to incorporate, and pulled out the embellishments and cards I might want to use. I haven't felt inspired the last couple of days, so I'll get busy when I am. As always, I love your pages.

Lou said...

A great attitude towards this project i'd say. I've got all my photos and notes for each week yet I just cannot get started! Yours looks so good x

Nathalie said...

You have such a great approach to this project that I am almost tempted to start PL! :) I need to remember your great advices in case I do!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I love seeing you project life! One day I'll have the inspiration to do something like this as well! Such amazing memories for the future! I hope you're having a great week (9?) :)

Sandra said...

I have to say I've been behind on PL, and am still behind now, but for some reason, I'm happy to say it's never stressed me out. I love the process and I don't want to rush it

Alison said...

You really do have the right attitude for PL....I am behind too at this point, but I know the photos are on my camera or IPhone just waiting to remind me of what has happened!
Alison xx

Sinead said...

Another gorgeous spread Abi, really love the balance of photos and pretty cards and words :) I will echo what everyone else has said and express my admiration for your great attitude to PL - no wonder you ended up with such an amazing 2013 album! Hoping to join you for a culpa tomorrow :) x