25 June 2014

Project Life week 23

Catching up with this project. This is what my week 23 looked like:

Things I am loving this week: 
Having happy sunny photos. This week marked the end of exams so there was more to write about and more to document.
I am also really enjoying that collage sequence in the bottom left of the first page. It gives a chance for more photos and I like that is simple and linear.

Techniques I have tried: 
I got the graphics tablet out again to write across that photo of the library. I like the idea of journalling about the end of exams in my own handwriting.
I also tried something different with that series of photos of the boy and me. I wanted to keep them simple with just the dates so therefore stretched them across the top two pockets. I think it makes quite an impact.

Photos I have documented: 
This week was the end of exams for me, the end of a degree for the boy and a final visit to his uni house. We enjoyed a few outings whilst I was there so I recorded those. I also wanted to record the spontaneous photo that seems to happen each year. I love that it is becoming a tradition to get the 'selfie'. You can read more about it here.

Thoughts on this project: 
I am behind as usual but I have a summer to take this project at my own pace and I am excited by that. I am also looking out for some more digital supplies so if you happen to come across anything pretty do ping it my way!


Nathalie said...

Beautiful clean lines and crisp photos! My favorite part is the series of "selfies" through the years!!!

blupixy said...

I love the style of your pages! You said you were looking for some digital supplies. I found some free brushes at persnickety prints that you may like. http://blog.persnicketyprints.com/storytelling/ Thanks for sharing your pages!

Karen said...

Just lovely; your design and style are so refreshing!

Sian said...

"Make beautiful things"? Indeed you do

Sinead said...

Super lovely Abi! Your 2014 PL album is going to be just as beautiful and precious as your 2013 one was. So lovely to Skype last week, and can't wait to see that other PL endeavour materialising! :D xx

Anonymous said...

It's lovely Abi and so nice and clean looking.