22 August 2014

Scavenger hunt stories

We are back. Back from a wonderful time in Sunny Boston. I have pictures a plenty to share and many many stories to tell. I also have lots of catching up to do and am intending to spend some happy hours visiting through blog land over the next week. 

I have joined in with Rinda's scavenger hunt the last few years. Because I am both mad and like to make things difficult for myself I always try and set myself the challenge of finding most of the photos on our annual week holiday abroad.

I was moderately successful this year. Most of my photos are from Boston however there are a few home shots thrown in too. I mean, finding a gnome in the city was asking for trouble....!
Part of the reason I love the hunt are the stories it produces. The cloud shot from last year is one that springs readily to mind. The gnome this year also seems to bring a lot of discussion, mainly over whether they are creepy or cute!

I also like that we all have individual stories to tell about where we found photos, what the location represents, how difficult or easy it was to find each item.
Basically I love that it gets me thinking about my photography, gets me to open my eyes and gets me sharing the tales.
Rinda, you are on to a winner!

So these are a few of my stories from this years hunt.

A Bakery: 

We rented a house whilst out in Boston and on the first day we arrived we explored the neighbourhood. We came across this lovely looking place only ten minutes down our road.
Now, I will have to consult my Amercian friends here about whether this is a generalisation or not, however in the UK, we know a bakery to sell mostly bread and maybe cakes.
This bakery was more of what we refer to as a coffee shop. Selling sandwiches, brunch, cakes and coffee as well as having chairs and tables to sit and eat at. A welcome surprise after a long flight.

We actually enjoyed this bakery so much that we came back the next morning for a big breakfast to celebrate my little brothers A level results.

Birds on a wire:

Birds on a wire caused me grief. Firstly because there didn't seem to be any wires in the city and secondly the ones I did see were notable in their absence of birds.
I had all but given up when we went into a lovely paper and craft store. There sitting on a shelf was exactly what I had been looking for, albeit in a rather more roundabout way than I first imagined.

A Horn:

On Sunday we headed into the italian quarter of Boston to watch a parade through the streets. One item ticked off already I thought! Little did I know that there would also be a rather magnificent horn to capture (or Sousaphone to be precise). As an added bonus there was also the amusing feature of a cup holder attached to said instrument so the player wouldn't miss his morning coffee.

If some of my more dubious finds are accepted, by my calculations I only have five items left to get. One being that allusive juggler....

How are you doing on the hunt?


scrappyjacky said...

Love your 'birds on a wire'...I'm having real trouble with that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abi, Somehow I missed that your are from the UK.
In the US, a traditional bakery has mostly cakes, donuts, and bread. Making them into little cafe's is relatively new. (And I use that word quite loosely.) But there are still traditional bakeries to be found. Especially in New Jersey, my home state even though I live in Maryland now.

What luck with Bird on a Wire, huh?

:) maureen and josephina ballerina (the cat)

Nathalie said...

I am enjoying Rinda's Scavenger hunt as well and just posted an update. Not only do i like it for the reasons you mentioned but also i really like to see the others' interpretations, just like that box of Birds on a wire that you found! That's so unique and fun! Hope to see more of your entries ;)

Barbara Eads said...

Boston is one of my favorite cities. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures there. As for bakeries, many of them are more like little eateries these days. We also have several chains too---Panera Bread and Bread & Co. come to mind. I look forward to following you around Boston---I know it well!

Sheena said...

Loving your pics from Rinda's scavenger hunt.
This is our second year of hunting & I say we as it's turned into a family affair!!
The coffee cup holder on that horn leaves me speechless!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great finds, Abi, and it's fun to see you posting photos from the US! :o) LOVE your birds on a wire capture, and as for the bakery, well, a bakery is supposed to be a BAKERY. I think the coffee shop is stretching it just a bit - maybe calling it a bakery because they bake their own pastries and breads? It's nice that it was close by though, and that you liked it enough to go back a second time.

Maggie said...

Very clever birds on a wire. Yes that juggler is not easy. I have never done the hunt before but it has been great fun.

Karen said...

Clever answer to the birds on a wire. I finished up a week ago, much to my surprise. Am saving the last ones for Rinda's link-up at the end of the month. My daughter attended Boston University her freshman year. It wasn't a good fit for her, but we surely loved our visits while she was there.

alexa said...

Brilliant version of birds on a wire :). You must have smiled when you saw it! Glad you have had such an interesting break -.renting a house always gives such a different perspective.

Kirsty.A said...

Good finds. I'm struggling with the juggler too.