8 September 2014

Me on Monday and a reminder

Linking up with Sian for her sweet Me on monday meme. 

This was me on Monday. Or rather him on Monday.
Spending a day in Oxford with the boy who is now the 'sort of teacher'. So fun to see him on his day off and hear all about the start of his new job.

My weekend was a new dress making (I have certainly caught the bug), uni friend greeting, 21st celebrating, countryside walking and much cake eating sort of a weekend. It was also a weekend for warm weather rejoicing and new season rugby watching.
It was busy but oh so fun. September has started off with a bang and I am excited for a slightly calmer week ahead.

What has your weekend brought?

P.S Tomorrow I am setting the one photo, twenty word challenge again. I'd love it if you would join me for perhaps the simplest, quickest meme. 


debs14 said...

Good luck with the 'sort of teaching' job. What a lovely place to have his first school.
I knew you'd fall in love with dress making. When I was (much) younger I made practically all my own clothes, it's so nice to wear something original isn't it?

Sian said...

Have a great week! (both of you)

You're making me want to sew a few seams..

alexa said...

Very best wishes to The Boy for his new adventure. Oxford sounds such a nice place for it! Hoping you enjoy a sewing-filled and happy week.

Lou said...

yay to a new rugby season. I was there watching my three play on Sunday! You look like you had a super weekend x

Karen said...

Here's to a great new year to both of you!

Miriam said...

I always wanted to live in Oxford, we used to shop there a lot. I used to think it was such an uplifting place be be. Love your photo of 'The Boy'

Barbara Eads said...

When we visited Oxford a few years ago, I loved the excitement all around. Such a beautiful place. It seems like ti was just yesterday you were finishing up for the summer and now it all starts again. I hope you have the best year!