14 October 2014

Decorating a student space

After seven years at boarding school and another two at uni, I would consider myself pretty adapt at making a space my own.
I love the challenge of filling a dreary bit of accommodation with my own things to make it a cosy space.

I am so blessed to have a nice big room this year, complete with mantlepiece (I know...) and lots of walls to fill.

Each year I go through my folders and find out all my favourite photos. Most are taken on my big camera however quite a few selfies got in there this year! I then run them through an action on photoshop to make them all black and white. With so many photos in my room I find it can look really busy if they are kept in colour.

This year I wanted to make a 'thing' of the mantlepiece so made a big grid above it of my photos. I like the effect and it also did a good job of covering up all the chipped paintwork from everyone else who has blue-tacked before me!

I also love using frames to highlight special photos. Because I travel quite a distance to uni I order my photos in the correct size beforehand and then buy cheap frames up here. I had big (pun very much intended) plans for this photo of the boy and me and am so pleased I decided to go large.
To me, adding a few frames makes my room far less studenty!

For my pinboard above my desk I tacked string across it and then pegged some instagram pictures onto it. I like using pegs because it means I can change things around easily.

From years of decorating rooms, I brought along a few old favourites. Bunting always works well and I made a few metres with some of my favourite fabrics before term started. I also whipped out the old tuck box and filled it with soft quilts, perfect to grab on the chilly evenings I am sure to have living in student accommodation!

Now I am in my final year I decided to go all 'grown up' and get myself a few houseplants. I often have flowers on my side but went a step further with these .....(insert name of plant here. I think it is a gardenia). I would love any tips you have on keeping house plants. So far they are surviving and I think even flowering so there is hope yet!

I really enjoy the process of decorating a room. To me, it is akin to nesting. I can't wait till I can get my own little place and settle things permanently but for now, my room is home.

And you always have to have a touch of humour.... I call it the 'nude' corner!


K said...

I love your b/w photos with a gorgeous coloured photo in front. Your pinboard is so fun .. as is the nude corner, lol.
As for plants, I have 2 that have survived, both near the sink in the kitchen. I tend to forget to water plants if they're elsewhere, then over water them when I remember (usually coz they're drying up) .... dont do that, its not good for them, lol.

Lizzy Hill said...

YOu've done a fab job of your room...love the pegs on the board idea....& the rudie-nudie corner made it not too twee!!! BTW.....SEVEN YEARS boarding at school....heck! Don't think I would've like that v much:/

Lea Lacoste said...

plants do sound all grown up, and it's looking good so congrats, I'm the worst at keeping them alive! those quilts look so so comfy, I need to learn how to make those!

Ruth said...

A great job on making the space your own. Love the grid over the mantel.

Sian said...

These are the photos you'll be so glad you took! trust me. I'd love to have a picture of my little attic room with its mantelpiece. You've certainly made it look like a real home away from home

Karen said...

Your design skills shine through in every project you undertake! I'd love to have enough wall space in my studio to do what you've done with photos here, but most of them are covered up with furniture!

furrypig said...

love your room it certainly looks very cozy! I am a nightmare with plants and have killed them all off over the years!!

scrappyjacky said...

It looks so 'you' and cosy....a lovely space. Love the 'nudie' corner!
Remember to water plants in the saucer and not on the soil...then they can take the amount that they want.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I've been looking forward to seeing your new space, Abi! I love it! The black and white photos are awesome, and I love your sweet buntings. I even love your view outside and the string of hearts in your neighbor's window. Thanks for the fun peek around! xo

Kirsty.A said...

It's lovely, especially your black and white grid

alexa said...

What a lovely space you have created, full of charm and inventiveness and so 'you', Abi! it will be a delightful room for having cups of tea in :). I find plants do best if they get plunged into tepid water all the way up to just above the soil level. Keep/leave them there until they stop bubbling, then lift out and allow them to drain a little, then pop them back into their saucers/pots. When the top of the soil is barely moist, then it's time to give them another plunge. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea of the black & white photos over the mantle - it makes that special picture of you and your young man really stand out. Your room is looking so homey already! All the best for this year.