28 December 2014

Project Life- looking ahead

I have a confession to make.
Project Life is becoming more of a chore for me. I don't know whether this is because we are rounding up the year or because I have been doing this project for two years now.

I am aware after two years that project life won't be a creative buzz every week. I know that it really does ebb and flow.
It's got me thinking though. Do I want to keep this project going?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is this:

I have nearly two years of my university life documented now. It feels right to continue documenting my third year of university in this way. Whether that means I stop at graduation I don't know. My gut instinct is that I want to make an album for all of 2015.

I take a huge number of photos. Like hundreds per month. I don't have a great deal of disposable income or wall space to print these and display them and it makes me sad to think that they will just sit on my hardrive. PL has ensured that two years worth of photos (the big events and the every day moments) get displayed in a physical format. I like that.

The big picture of this project is rad. Yesterday I sat down and started to plug all my finished layouts into blurb. When I see all of those layouts coming together to make up a year it is exciting. I am thankful I took the time to record that conversation, thankful that that photo of a cup of coffee is included.
There is no way that those things would ever be remembered if I hadn't made that page.

For now, PL is my creative outlet. I don't have time or space at uni to do paper craft or sew. I don't have to clear up PL on my computer, I can save when I want and I can craft on the go.

Where do I see this project going in 2015?

I toyed for a long time with going monthly on project life. After a lot of thought though I am going to keep to the weekly layouts. They tie in with the last two years and I am conscious that saving all my photos to the end of the month will just make for a very very long task.
I like that doing PL weekly ensures that the little moments have their place.

I am changing up template design again this year and going for three different options, all using the same sized squares.

I really love how my style has developed this year and plan on keeping it super simple using phrases, pretty paper and journalling.

Again, i'm setting a no pressure mentality. If there aren't enough photos for a double page spread, it's just going to be one page. I'm also not too worried about falling 'behind' with this project. Some weeks are busier than others and I plan to take it as it comes.

At the end of this year I started setting aside a morning a week to specifically work on PL. It has worked well so far and I plan on continuing that.

So let's chat. Are you doing project life this year? Are you starting for the first time? What craft's are you taking up or putting down?


Kirsty.A said...

Just a thought. I do monthly but I don't wait until the end of the month. I love that I can make 1 or 2 cards in 20mins whenever I feel like it. I just compile a 'kit' at the start of the month so they have a cohesive feel

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think the secret is not to feel that you're "behind", because you have to live the life before you can document it. I hear it often among scrappers, not just PL'ers and it makes me sad that they feel that way. That must make it a chore, when it should be fun. For me, I'm hoping that 2015 will be the year of sewing. I need to be intentional and carve out a little time each week to set up the sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

I did PL for three years before a forced break for 18 months in 2013/2014. I'm really excited to be starting again for 2015....can't wait, actually...I've been organising my supplies and my 'PL creating space'...my album is ready, page protectors slotted in....will enjoy seeing your PL posts when you have time to post them...I'd like to post some of my PL spreads on my blog but am trying to figure out a way to show them without having images of my children spread all over my blog.....dilemma!

scrappyjacky said...

I think you're right to carry on,Abi...you are going to have such a great document of your uni days to look back on forever.

Lorraine said...

Hi Abi, and Merry Christmas. I think it is awesome that you have kept going aand have lovely intricately designed pages to show for it.
PL has always been a good idea to me but I have struggled to find what works. I am encouraged to think through for next year.

Lizzy Hill said...

I do it monthly, being 'old' & not al lot happening! I have a file for the photos that are special to me, so as I edit them, those get put into my PL file for the months then in rethink them before they get out in. Works easy peasy I find:) DEFFO continuing 2015------ I have STUFF to use up!!!!!!!

alexa said...

I am a huge admirer of your Project Life pages, as you know! I love the variety you incorporate and the fact that you capture so many things. Your line about recording the things which would have been forgotten really chimes with me - it's the everyday of which our lives are made. I am hovering on the cusp on doing one myself next year, but I am struggling with the sameness of the format for every page. Though you manage to make them all look so different! I think you'd be sad if you didn't have a whole three years worth, Abi - cheering you on!

Sian said...

I'm another huge admirer of your PL books and I'm cheering you on to complete your third year - I can't think of a more interesting time in your life to have recorded this way. You'll be glad forever that you have done it

Julia said...

Firstly belated festive greetings Abi. Have loved listening to you on PRT lately :) so pleased you are keeping going. I think you would be sad if you didn't document your last year at uni. Whilst I don't do PL I love seeing others and I have adapted it for December last year and will do the same again for 2014. Look forward to seeing your pages x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I"m not a project life person, but I'm having some of the same thoughts. I had wanted to continue chronological annual family albums until Clara graduates from high school, but I'm not sure I'll be doing that.

Rhona said...

I'm so glad you're carrying on with PL, I think you'll be so glad you are when you look back at it in years to come.
I have decided to start PL again this year (I did well last year until I went away on holiday and it fell by the wayside)and intend to set aside some time each week to stay on top of it. I started work again in November after a long time as a SAHM and I know I'm going to have to be more organised.

Rachel Brett said...

I love your pages! I'm so pleased you decided to continue, I think those pictures of the little details are important too! I'm new to PL this year... I can't wait to see your 2015 pages :)

Gail said...

I always enjoy seeing your PL pages so I'm glad you decided to keep going with it.