29 March 2010


Today is wet, grey and cold and most definitely does NOT feel like it is nearly April. I remember last year being so sunnay at this point. Oh well. hopefully the good weather will arive soon.
Had a good productive day. Revised Philosophy, (Religious experience and cosmological argument if you are interested!) and had a driving lesson, so my brain is rather worked out today! Lol!
Anyways, thought I would stop by with a quick post full of colour cos it is such a yucky day. These are all pictures of my mum's jewelrey. Mostly fairly cheap bits and bobs that she picks up in unique little shops and wears wears at work. They are all so lovely and colourful and certainly brighten up my day! This is one of her newest purchases. Love this. Reminds me of dominoes lined up!Gotta love this one! he he! It looks so real!This one is so so pretty!
A a whole collection of shapes and colours! I love my mum's style! he he!
I would show some more pics but blogger is not uploading my pics! grrr.. anyway thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxxx

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Lizzie said...

Hmm.. I'm having trouble with blogger not loading pages properly. I can't see most of your photos just now. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
I like the pearly necklace.. will come back to see the rest.
Glad the revision is going well.