5 July 2010

Cambridge Open Day

Hi All
I Am loving Shimelle's class at the moment! We had to post an impromto photo and I posted this one of a lovely textured coloured rug! random I know but hey! (if any of you are here from the forum, please comment so I can get to know you!)
o..the other day me and my two friends went over to cambridge for the open day. Flip me, it was a treck! Into London and then out again, but to be honest it was worth it! I was a bit iffy about the whole oxbridge thing, really going for it cos I liked the course (which I guess is a good reason). Seeing the place and getting a feel for it though made me realise I could be really happy there and I guess i fell in love...It is really so beautiful. Imagine going to Uni in some of those buildings! sigh....
We visted several of the colleges including, Trinity, clare, st Catherines, Pembroke and the treck to Hommerton which is my favourite so far! (its the last picture!)
.As well as visiting the colleges, we went to several lectures. The History lecture was incredible! The lecturer really won me over. A very dynamic speaker and I made friends with a great guy from up north who made me laugh as he had no idea what subject he wanted to study!
The sun shone all day and we had such a fun time and a great laugh! My parents couldn't come with me so I took plenty of pics to show them!
The train journey back was epic as we jumped on the wrong tube train! Buty hey ho it was an adventure and we arrived home safe! The day gave me so much to think about. I guess I am going to go into it with a lot of prayer and if it is where God wants me to be so be it but if not, I know he has bigger plans! Makes it much less daunting!
Hope you've all had an awesome few days. Thanks for stopping by
Loves xxxx

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debs14 said...

I live 30 miles south of Cambridge! I just love that city. It's my favourite place for shopping or just having a wander around. You definitely have to apply to go there, you would love it! And all those photo opportunities .....