10 July 2010

The holidays are here!

Happy happy saturday!
The end of another school year! Very scary as I only have one more left! I love the summer, hardly any work, sun and family time! Got to be good! The last week of term was activity week and I did cooking in the school kitchens.
It was amazing being in there with all the cooks who are clearly passionate about what they do. As well as learning to bake bread and numerous dishes we also made...CAKE! yum yum yum!
One of the chefs specialises in sugar craft and honestly if I wasn't a scrapper this would be my hobby! In a matter of minutes she had created a sugar rose like on the top of my cake, and proceeded to show us how to make one! Incredible! So... a few pics of my finished creations and yes, that chocolate cake was as rich as it looks!
We were taught how to totally ice a cake and decorate it, so perhaps more like this in the future? hmmm..or not! .
On the last day we also made a little bear! Isn't he cute? A bit podgy but I guess all the best bears are! On a different matter, I am loving Shimelle's class at the moment. My scrapping mojo is making a serious comeback after months of too much revision to scrap. Hopefully will be able to share more pages soon! Hope you all have a great weekend.
Loves xxxxx


Lizzie said...

This is a sweet post - in all senses of the word! That bear is too cute to eat.. I hope you keep him! The rose is so pretty and the choccy cake looks uber rich! You obviously had some fun. Wish we'd had an "activity week" in our last week of term. I always broke up on or around 9th July (it's my mum's birthday), but my DS has still got to get through 8 more days of school before his holidays start. At this time of year, it's tempting to just run away and forget the last week of term!
Hope you're enjoying the warm weather and that you have a lovely few weeks at home!
Yes, that last year at school is an odd one. Make the most of it and take all the opportunities you can to enjoy yourself. You'll be all done and off to Uni before you've had time to blink!

humel said...

*sings* 'School's out for summer....' Hooray!! Very pleased for you :-) (Slightly jealous though, we still have a week and a half to go!) Have a FAB summer, and looking forward to seeing your work in Shimelle's class (your photo of you and your boy is pretty darn amazing xx)

Oh, and how could I forget to comment on the cakes?! YUM!!

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for visiting my blog =) Oh that chocolate cake looks amazing. The bear is really cute! are you going to eat him?

Sian said...

Love that new header! It's beautiful. And as for the cakes..

scrappyjacky said...

Abi...I just had to come and say how much I love the prom page you've done in Shimelle's class...it's just stunning.