11 July 2010

New LO

Hi All .
Shock horror! A layout! Has to be a first for what 6 months??? Eeek! Am loving Shimelle's class because there are so many talented scrapbookers out there and such inspiration. Also a quick thank you to those who left such lovely comments on the pic I edited of me and the boy. If anyone stops by here and doesn't do the class, it looks like this:.
Anyway, back to the LO. This is one I did based on a sketch. As usual when I work with sketches, I don't follow it very closely, but find it really useful to kick start my creative side!
The LO documents my relationship with a little girl in year seven and how much she means to me. Also the fact that she reminds me of myself at that age as we have so much in common! I wanted to make the page sweet and girly but also have a school room feel, hence the letters and the lined paper. I love to layer up chunky embellishements, so here covered some old clothes tags with patterned paper. (you can probs still see the Jack wills one poking out though!) I made the material flowers with the same tutorial I posted a few months ago. .
So,there you have it, a new layout. Will stop back soon with more crafty goodness! Am loving this whole holiday bussiness! he he! Hope you've all had a good weekend?
Loves xxxx
PS is anyone else having problems with blogger not registering line breaks? really annoying me!


humel said...

It's a *gorgeous* layout, Abi :-) So much amazing detail! xx

debs14 said...

I love the way you have layered up and included so much embellishment without it taking over the page. You've stepped straight back into layouts after all that studying with no problem at all!

JO SOWERBY said...

i love ur LOs abi and this one is really beautiful. friends are so important and often we dont scrap our memories enough of one person individually, i find i scrapbook events instead eg weddings, partys.
i want to do more about myself and what i think and feel............might be abit dodgy though. g8 to have u back properly for the hols, hope to see much more of u on blogger and in the classroom
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

That's a sweet layout, Abi. I still remember the support and friendship of some of the "Big Girls" from 5th & 6th Form. I had a particular friend called Mandy, who used to take me to school on the bus when I was 5 & she was 12. We moved away and lost touch, but lo and behold, when I went to my new school, there she was! She was a great help to me in my first years at the new school, before she finished her A levels and went off to RADA (!). Various others were great too... It is special to get that support, especially when you're just getting to "the Awkward Age"!
I love your dark blue background, the almost-blue b&w photo, the letters on the background paper, the tag that says "Make a Difference". I'm sure that is what you are doing for your little "Mini Me"!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful layout, and I love the digi bit up top and the new banner as well.