16 December 2010

Christmas touches

Happy Thursday!

Unless you have been away for a long period of time, you won't understand how incredible it is to wake up in your own bed with the smell of fresh laundry and the cat calling at the door. It is amazing! Darling brother has only just woken up in time for lunch! We like our beds over here! ha ha!

The other lovely thing about coming home is noticing the little changes. This is the best time to come back as the house is decorated for christmas! it looks so warm and friendly so I thought I would try and capture a bit of this.

Isn't the poinsettia huge! Its like a hedge! Please stop back tomorrow as I am posting about something exciting and christmassy!

Loves xxxxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Beautiful photos,Abi....noticed the candles....I just love candles at xmas....and have loads of them.
You certainly sound pleased to be home!!

JO SOWERBY said...

i always kill poinsettias and christmas roses and the occasional orchid so ur mum's doing pretty well in my estimations. glad u got home safe and sound and are looking forward to the festive season,
Jo xxxx

humel said...

Welcome home! :-) Lovely signs of Christmas - looking forward to tomorrow's post! xx

Miriam said...

Welcome home Abi, lovely Christmassy photos :)