22 December 2010

Guest Post!

Hi all! Today I would like to welcome the lovely Jo to my blog! Her post is fab so have a good read! Here are a few random facts about Jo, that you may or may not know!

The midwives had decorated her cot for Christmas baby but she came on Xmas eve,

she has been in ''Hello'' magazine,

She has sung in The Purcell Rooms on the South Bank,

She has stood inside the head of the Statue of Liberty,

Her favourite Christmas song is ''Fairytale of New York'' by Kirsty Maccoll and The Pogues
So....Over to Jo!!!
Hello bloggers and welcome to a new day and a small event between myself and the wonderful Abi. We are doing guest posts on each other's blogs today. Mine is about some of the knitting I have been doing for Christmas.

So without further ado, here are 2 of my knitting projects. They are not 100% completed. I decided that as part of my Xmas fun I would make some Christmas stockings for the mother and the dad. I first saw a stocking on Rachel B's blog which was gorgeous and then happened to picked up this magazine Woman's Weekly which had this beautiful stocking in it.
For this stocking, you knit like any traditional piece of knitting with 2 needles. I used 2 shades of wool - red and ecru - and it has actually come out much bigger than I thought it would. It was a lovely simple knit one row and purl one row pattern with some work with weaving in another colour and design. I just need to sew this one up. This one is for dad.

The second stocking is for the mother and I searched on Ravelry for a more feminine design. I found this one called Hearts and downloaded the pattern. Now this one gave me more of a challenge as I have never knitted using double ended needles and certainly never with 4!!!! So off I went to Youtube to search out some lessons and I actually found alot of helpful stuff. It took me a few attempts to get going without dropping the stitches and twisting everything around, but once I got the hang of  it I was away. The second thing I had to get sorted was wrapping and turning stitches, again nothing I'd heard of before. This turned out to be so simple anyone could do it, you just work the number of stitches, bring the wool to the front, slip ur stitch, bring the wool to the back and turn, then repeat the process. I am really proud of this sock, it is NOT perfect at all b ut I so glad I gave it a go.
Now all I need to do is do the finishing touches and put in the Santa presents.

Finally I have to complete my friend's Lucy Bag, which is a crochet design. I just have to complete the handle and do the bag edging design.

Love Jo Jo xxxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Nice to see you here,Jo....the stockings are looking great....hope you get them finished in time.

Sian said...

Jo - your facts made for a fab read! And you have been bringing back the memories for me too: Womans Weekly was where my mum used to gat all her best projects from! Lovely.

humel said...

Hello there, Jo! :-) I'm suitably impressed by your knitting, being unable to manage a single stitch myself... The stockings look gorgeous, lucky parents! xx

Rachel Brett said...

Hi Jo (and Abi, loving your blog!) fab stockings, I'm still working on mine! :)