31 December 2010

Favourite photos of 2010- part 2

Happy Friday

Sorry there was no post yesterday. We had a little shopping trip into Oxford. Managed to purchase the longed for boots! he he! Will share pictures at a later date! Back to the photos!

One of my all time favourite pictures of my Mama. Taken at Easter last year. So candid and beautiful.

Love this girl to pieces. My mini-me. She was in her first year of secondary school and we struck up such a close friendship when she was a tad homesick. We are still so close and its lovely to see her growing up as I am about to leave school.

So many pictures of me and this lovely lady! This is one of my favs, mainly because the height difference makes me laugh!
Rowing camp in France over the easter holiday. It was such a laugh and so tiring. We had so much fun though rowing on an amazing river and spending time with amazing people! This picture makes me smile so much. Love the expressions.

The boy and an f-stop of 1.4 = dreamy eyes and soft focus! LOVE.

I laugh out loud when I see this picture. I gave the boy my camera to play around with. It had a fized 50mm lens with manual focus. Claiming his pictures would be fantastic he proceeded to take this photo focusing on the hedge rather than the intended car. I think it was slightly harder than he imagined! he still however claims this picture is "artistic"! ha ha!

The littlest brother on his birthday photo shoot I insisted he had! One of my all time favourites of him.

I treasure this picture because it captures such a special week. This is Rasha my lebanese exchange friend. She is a beautiful women living in a part of the world that isn't very safe. We had so much in common and she introduced me to so many lebanese traditions. One day I hope we can meet again.

The trip to Cambridge uni. The application didn't happen in the end but it was a fab day out visiting a lovely place.
Finishing with the boy and my favourite picture of the two of us. Leavers ball 2010. photo credit to our medical sister who takes incredible pictures!

Final installment tomorrow. New years day!

Hope everyone has a fab new years eve. Bring on 2011!

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Loves xxxxxx


Miriam said...

So hard to choose a favourite today! I think it has to be the last one. Lovely , lovely photos Abi. Happy New Year to you x

Lizzie said...

Great photos, Abi! 2010 was a good year, wasn't it? I wish you lots of success in 2011 (A levels, new Uni, new life... how exciting!).
Happy New Year!

Rachel Brett said...

More great pics Abi, I especially like the last one :)