9 January 2011

Lomo Fish eye


Back to school today so just a quick post. The other day my photos I took on my new lomo camera came back. Rather than buy them as prints, I bought them on a CD. That way I can edit them, resize them and most importantly post them on here!

There is a tool on the camera where you can multiple expose to get crazy things like this!

They came out great-some really strange- but all with that cool lomo effect. Awesome

Got to go pack now. Grrr...Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxx


Laura said...

Great photos Abi! I also have a fish eye lomo but didn't get that great results from my first film... can I ask what speed film you put in your camera? I think I had 400 in mine, but was only a cheapy brand, so I might try on a brighter day next time.

humel said...

This looks so much fun! Hope the packing went well xx

Rachel Brett said...

The pics look great, I like the crazy effects :)