22 February 2011

DIY fabric bangles


Today I want to share a quick make. At the moment there are loads of pretty fabric covered bangles in the shops. I bought one a few days back in our local fairtrade shop. Looking at it, I figured it really wouldn't be that tricky to make. So...

1. take your bangle. I used some old ones of my mums which she didn't like but you could just as easily buy cheap ones from a charity shop or supermarket. Its best to choose bangles that are smooth for ease of covering!

2. Cut out a strip of fabric. I used patterened fabric. I cut a strip just under a metre and about an inch wide.

3. Start winding around the bangle. Don't worry too much about the loose end, try and tuck it under the first fold. The key is to wrap tightly and keep the fabric smooth.

4. Wrap all the way around, once you meet the beginning tuck the ends under each other and secure it with a dab of strong glue.

5. These do tend to fray and I can't really work out a way to stop this unless you hemmed it, which would make it much harder to wrap. Hey ho! Also remember that the bangle will be tighter with the added material so get one that is roomy to start with!

(the bangle in the middle is the one I bought, the other two are made by moi!)

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Loves xxx


Jennifer Grace said...

They look fab! You could maybe try pasting over the finished bracelet with fabric glue or modge-podge to stop it fraying so much? Or you could cut the fabric strip using pinking scissors before winding it around the bangle. I'm gonna have to hunt for an un-wanted bangle now! x

humel said...

Oh, so pretty! I remember buying a plain wooden bangle ages ago, thinking that I could decorate it in some way - wonder where I put it?!

I love your skirt and cowl from your previous post, too - gorgeous :-)

Lizzie said...

This is odd... I seem to have "lost" a number of blog comments that I typed in the other day - they just have not appeared on the blogs where I put them... (unless people are suddenly deleting my comments...)
I did comment on Tuesday, to say I love the bangles and to suggest that cutting the fabric on the bias/cross would help prevent it from fraying and make it easier to wind round the bangles.
That's all... X

Rajni said...


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