16 March 2011


Seven days ago,

One school talent show and an evening of laughter.
fourteen acts.
three finalists.
Four lovely people asked to play in the interval.
together making one incredible band,
All she noticed though was one boy and his guitar.

One boy that made her smile and filled her heart.

Two days later, one picture on facebook....one picture that still gives her butterflies.


P.S One school network system that is driving me insane with periodically blocking by blog!


humel said...

What a beautiful post, Abi :-) I'm sorry to read the postscript, though! xx

debs14 said...

Lovely story Abi and a lovel photo too!

Miriam said...

Lovely post Abi and I am also sorry to read the PS.

JO SOWERBY said...

black and white pictures are often the best, tim looks the rock star for certain, did he write an ode to u perhaps?
Jo xxx