30 May 2011

My idea of bliss


Back home, in my own bed, good food, hot chocolate and time for me. playing with paper, feeling soft fabric and hearing the clean snip of the scissors. I have so many creative ideas buzzing around my head at the moment and hopefully they will materialise into something that can be posted up here.

For now a document of hands at work doing what I love most (Take that last statment out for revising though!)
This post inspired by this








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Jennifer Grace said...

Great idea for a post, nice little snippets of what you've been up to! x

Lizzie said...

OOh, what a fun post, Abi! Sounds as if you are all set for a lovely half-term break. I'm sure you need it... don't overdo the revision!

It's nice to see you back again. I hope you have a really relaxing half term.

Sian said...

Lovely post Abi. I hope the work is going well

debs14 said...

Good to see that you are having some fun and relaxing times in between all your studying, good luck with the exams.

Miriam said...

Yes a lovely idea for a post Abi & I love your new header. Well done and have a restful and fun half term.