1 June 2011

Simple equations

The problem: Bunting is beautiful
Bought ready made is expensive

The Solution: Crafting is fun
Making is quick and cheap.


I am an an unashamed bunting lover and also an unashamed teenager who's bunting love does not extend to her purse.

What to do? raid the box of fabric cut offs and russle something up.

The result is a new love affair with miniature bunting. Envision tiny little triangles trailing all the way round the room! In love!

This bunting is so simple to make. I didn't use a template just simply cut out triangles from eye. The result is a quirky mix of sizes and patterns. I then fed them one by one through the sewing machine in exactly the same way I did this tutorial.

*warning- limit yourself on the number of sweet little triangles you cut out because if you are anything like me, you will keep feeding them through the machine until you have miles of bunting (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!)*

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxx


scrappyjacky said...

It looks so cute,Abi.

Beverly said...

Your room wrapped in bunting has to be cheerful and sweet :)

Lizzie said...

Wonderful, Abi! How very gorgeous and fun...and exciting... and cute...and... now I want some all round my studio!
I made some hand-embroidered bunting for my new little great niece. It's up in her room now and looks lovely. A bit more "poshed up" than your mini stuff but not quite so funky and exciting, I think.

Gems said...

The bunting looks amazing! xx