3 June 2011

The boy

Happy Friday

Today is a combination of ideas of thoughts and pictures. I have been talking about the boy on here from day one and he makes occassional appearences in the odd picture or two. That said though he rarely gets a whole post to himself. (yes, I am about to do a post on the boy and if you wish to switch off that is cool by me!)

*The boy is called that because he wishes I keep some form of his indentity hidden but also because he is younger than me. months not years but still. The boy he has been.*

This Boy:
Was fairly quiet
Didn't really like having his photo taken- he did not know what he was getting himself in for!
Was one of the most gentle people I have ever met.
But had the most rock hard faith and morals.
Had a rad. sense of humour.

This Boy:
was all of the above
was more confident
introduced me to his family
did the most incredible impressions
could pick me up and spin me round.
kissed me in the rain

This Boy:
was all of the above
had enough meds to stock a chemist
worked so hard but found time for me too.
humoured by need for photos.
listened to indie music

This Boy:
Is all of the above
makes me laugh till I cry
laughs and mimicks me when I am unreasonably grouchy.
plays the bass
still beats me at pool
is the perfect gentleman- carrying my bag to my boarding house each day.
finishes my sentences.

And looking at three years worth of pictures, this boy isn't a boy anymore. He's my man.

Love you.

Thanks for stopping by xxxx


Eve said...

Yes, I admit, it may seem that I am stalking you, but this is undoubtedly THE cutest thing that I have ever read. God has so placed you too together, and as a couple, I believe he has called you to do AMAZING things <3 xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

the boy is definately an amazing guy. it is wonderful to find someone you can love and relate to so well and i so glad he is the one. may he continue to grow in love, godliness and awesomeness,
jo xxxx
ps would love his responses to the girl!

Lizzie said...

The Boy Rocks - in every sense! He's lovely, cute, gorgeous - and seems to suit you down to the ground. It's so lovely that you get along so well together - I hope that University doesn't spoil it, but helps to bring you closer.
It's great to have a BF who shares your faith too. It's hard when someone doesn't understand something that is so important in your life - so you're very lucky.
In fact, you are lucky in all respects. And you're right - he doesn't look so much like a Boy any more - def. more like a young Man!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Aw, Abi, that is super sweet!

Rachel said...

aww super cute post x

Gems said...

Aww that is cute :) xx

Cheri said...

Very sweet post Abi - it is wonderful that you can see the growth and maturity in your guy. Do you see it in yourself as well? You've really gone from "girl" to "young woman" in those photos!

Anonymous said...

Abs this is so adorable :) I've loved reading your blog over the last few days, (from start to now!) and this is another beautiful addition. You two are so perfect, and I believe God's got lots more to bless you with over the years to come xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

This is a beautiful post, a lovely tribute to your man! I realised recently that I have a gazillion scrapbook layouts about my daughter, but not a single one about my hubby - I have some of us both at our wedding etc, but not one like this just dedicated to him. I must make one asap - you've inspired me to write down all the lovely details about him. Thank you! x

Cake {me thin...} said...

This is cute... Did the boy like it?