12 June 2011

Variation on the theme of Bunting


This is a post I was meaning to do at the end of half term however revision and exams came in the way!

I am an unashamed bunting lover and as seen on this post, I am finding ways to make mini bunting because in my opinion mini bunting is sweeter and cuter than the full sized version! And miniature size things are always better aren’t they? (yes I am a small person!)

So... in a form of experimentation from the first set of mini bunting I set to find a way to make quick bunting that was slightly more durable because while the last set was nice, it won’t last for long!

The result....

It is so simple to make and fairly quick too.

1. Take your chosen material and fold it in half. My triangles were literally cut by eye- life is too short for measuring!

2. Cut the triangle so the shortest edge is on the fold like so.

3. Keep cutting triangles until you feel that that is an adequate amount to string around your room.

4. 4. Keeping the triangle folded (you could iron it down but again, life is too short) sew the two long edges making sure you leave about 1cm before the fold.

5. This will become a tube to push the string through.

6. Sew all the bunting pieces like this and then thread the string through the little tunnels.

7. Sew the bottom of the tunnel under the string. This is an optional step. I just like how it finishes them off.

8. Voila! One string of bunting.

The other advantage with this sort of bunting is that it is far easier to tie somewhere!

Hope you are having a lovely week?

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Great tutorial,Abi....the bunting looks great.

Jo.C said...

Think I fancy some bunting for my craft room and it may get me using my sewing machine again :0)
Looks great

JO SOWERBY said...

so beautiful. hope the exams r going well so far,
jo xxx

Sian said...

I love your bunting Abi - very festive!

Lynn said...

Cute! I love bunting too.

Lizzie said...

So pretty, Abi! A clever way to make quick and gorgeous tiny buntings.
I hope all is going well with you - exam time, isn't it? Sure you'll do great - you have worked very hard and revised hard too. Good luck, all the same though!

Jo said...

Fantastic bunting, thanks for sharing

humel said...

Oh, gorgeous! I've had trouble commenting lately Abi, I'm not sure if any of my comments here have registered or not, but I have been visiting :)