11 October 2011

10 things on the 11th?

So, I am a day late with Shimelle's challenge; to post ten things on the tenth but hey, that I posted at all is a miracle.

My ten things could be titled "out of the mouths of babes" " Ten funny things children say or do" or perhaps "overheard in the staffroom." Either way these are all true, all have made me laugh in the last month and have to be written down.

Trust me, you are witnessing the beginnings of a bestseller. Count yourself lucky.

1. A year four class, we are looking in a thesaurus for other words to use instead of "old". We are describing a building. One little girl  pipes up with "The building was advanced in years."

2. I am getting a group of four year olds changed after swimming. This has been a long and difficult affair as none of them can stand still long enough to be dried. We finally have them all dressed and all looking fairly smart. I check the floor for towels etc and find... a pair of pants. One child has got dressed without underwear. Panic ensues while we try and find said child.

3. " Miss Beach, you are the best mummy." me; "But I'm not a mummy." The child: "but you're a grown up." Gosh, how to shoot down a four year olds logic!

4. "Miss Beach how are twins made?"

5. We are at supper and discussing how old parents are. One bright spark tells a story of a girl who was very young and had a baby. The smaller child asks if she was married. Apparently not. The small child then looks at me " but, it's impossible to have a baby and not be married!"

6. I come into the dorm to find a girl dressed in a dressing gown, shawl, towel over her hair and shower cap holding it in place. When asking who she was she replied without a shadow of a doubt, "Mary of course." (That is the virgin mary unless it wasn't obvious!)

7. The "Virgin Mary" (See above) Then proceeded to give an account of Jesus' life with Jesus illustrated by cuddly toys. Call be a traditionalist but I had no idea Jesus was born as a hedgehog and ended his life as a pink teddy bear.

8. "That was unsuspected" Translation: "That was unexpected."

9. Whilst on the hockey pitch,  "Miss Beach, the other girls say I don't like hockey, but I do." me: "so why are you standing still?" The little girl: "because I'm bored!"

10. "Miss Beach, I love you."

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loves xxxx


Lizzie said...

Miss Beach, we love you too!
Thanks for sharing these - they're lovely. I do like the small ones - they are fabulous and wonderful. I so enjoyed my time as a classroom assistant and "dinner lady", when my DS was little and at Lower School.
Now I'm teaching workshops to 9-16 year-olds - still fun, but not quite the same thing.
I hope you continue to have a great time in your job. Sounds like you're doing very well!

scrappyjacky said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!!! A wonderful assortment,Abi.

humel said...

Aww! Things like this are one of the reasons I'm a teacher :)