31 October 2011

The corner chair

When I am at home I like to sit in the corner chair.

Here by the window in the armchair with the light streaming in.

The chair closest to the window and closest to the radiator.

With the door propped open I can hear the ebb and flow of family life. I can hear the laughter, I hear the piano, I hear the questions and the answers.

I sit still yet things change around me. Brothers move in and out, the tv is off and on, newspapers are pulled out and then folded away.

Sometimes I am joined by the cat who snuggles close into my legs asking for affection.

I sit in my favourite chair watching and listening. Watching the world pass outside the window. Watching the light change as the day passes.

The room starts to feel smaller as curtains are closed as lamps come on and the heating fires up.

My favourite place to go when I want to be still. In the hub of everything the chair is an island.

A place to read for hours on end, a place to knit and feed soft yarn over the needles, a place to doze.

The corner chair. My favourite place when the clocks go back and the days get darker.

What is your favourite place? xxx


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds wonderful,Abi.

Beverly said...

My chaise lounge chair in the den is my favotire spot... perfect for reading, listening to the birds, snuggling with the cat and napping :)