29 October 2011

October summed up.

I cannot believe it is the end of October and we are soon to approach those dark mornings, cold winds and November bonfires. How the months fly!

October has been a very busy month, looking like this...

Enjoying family time in half term. The adventures of two boys and very very sour sweets. Hilarious.

Watching the season slowly turn. Autumn has to be the most beautiful.

Visiting the boy and my best friend at uni. So good to put names to faces etc and very interesting to see the life of a student!

 Visiting Sherbourne with the other gaps on our day off. Stunning.

lots of sewing and a lovely finished quilt.

 Visiting a quarry with the year eights on their field trip. Surprisingly beautiful and the size of those dumper trucks! phewww!

More crafting with material. Tutorial to follow.

What has your October looked like?

Loves xxxxx


humel said...

What a beautiful summary - I love the way you've presented these photos :) Looks like a fun and successful month! Mine has looked very scrapbooky, particularly over the last 2 weeks - yay for Shimelle classes...!

Beverly said...

Lovely photos, I adore the way The Boy is looking at you in the self portrait :) It seems my October has been filled with college football (American)and travel....to watch college football lol