1 January 2012

Hello 2012

Happy New Year. 

I don't do resolutions but I do do goals. I also do goals from the heart so that is why I am linking up with Stephanie for her blogging from the heart series. 

In 2012...

I want to laugh a lot. 
This is the one year really I am totally unburdened with work. Yes, I have to literally go to work but holiday is free, family time is free. I want to relax and laugh and chill with the ones I love. 

I will make more.
Scrapbooking I have to admit has taken a back burner. That is cool until I find my mojo again. In the meantime I want to create, I want to be further inspired by blog friends and pins. On the note of pinterest, I want to pin and create, not just pin and look at later. 

I want to truly engage and build on my relationship with the boy
I have this theory that if we nurture this year, if we set up such a good foundation of when we can talk to each other when we can see each other, next year when we are both at uni will be so so much easier. 

I need to focus on the people who matter. 
Finishing school has brought a huge complication in who I spend time keeping in touch with. I want to make the effort this year in contacting and sharing with those who really do matter and not stressing over those who really don't. 

I want to continue learning. 
Before I head to uni in september I want to have done lots of reading, I want to have really filled my brain and absorbed myself in history so I am ready to tackle academic study again. 

I want to take more photos. 
Doing my year in photos this year was, I have to admit, harder. I had taken less pictures, less moments. I had missed opportunities. This will change. 

I will grow in my relationship with God
I want to read my Bible more, pray more. I want to find a real time in my day to do this as well. 

These are my new year goals. What are yours? 

Thanks for stopping by xxxx


stephanie howell said...

you are going to have a beautiful year. i just know it. xxo

Lorraine said...

great goals Abi. I am afraid I am being a little OTT with mine but I have made a start.

Beverly said...

Great goals, Abi and I have no doubt you will be working towards them. Can't wait to see your Pinspiration over the year, trying right now to figure out what I want to share... yikes ...tomorrow lol

Sabrina DS said...

Nice list of goals. Hope 2012 will be awesome! Good luck with everything.
Cheers from Bordeaux, FR