4 January 2012

Jelly roll floor pillow

A while back I found this tutorial from the lovely Laura.

I immediatly had to have a go at making it but time was short, funds were low and it was a bit of a non starter. I put a moda jelly roll of fabrics on my list to santa and low and behold guess what was in my stocking!

This has to have been one of the most rewarding and easy tutorials I have found. For those not in the know, a jelly roll is a roll of eighty fabrics cut into 22" strips. They come in sets so the colours coordinate.

The tutorial is very self explanatory but I want to go over some points- just things that helped me-in case you are thinking of making one!

Firstly, the top piece looks hard. It isn't. If anything it is so simple it is boring. The cut, pin, sew iron thing became a bit waring after the 60th piece! The tutorial suggests just adding piece after piece to make the circle. I did mine in 10 piece segements, then ironed the segment then started another. it broke it up a bit and made sure that my segments all met in the middle.

To keep costs down I bought a double sheet from Ikea and two single duvets. This came to just over £10-amazing! The sheet was used for the backing and I undid the duvets and used the stuffing to fill the pillow. You definitley need two duvets, three at a push!

On the tutorial, the author uses a beautiful patchwork piece for the back. Trust me after so much piecing for the front I used one piece of material and it was a blessed relief.

I have never done piping before, but it was very easy, don't let it put you off. The middle of the pillow is pulled together with a fabric covered button and really does look good.

The bottom line is-this pillow is HUGE! It is around 44" across. It is amazing to put at the back of your bed to lean on when reading or to throw on the floor as an extra seat. You can stuff it with anything too. Beanbag filler, proper stuffing, duvet etc etc!

It really is an impressive sight. the middle brother even deemed it "proffesional". High praise indeed!

And you know what the best thing is? Little mistakes get swallowed up into its hugeness so they aren't noticed. Win, win I say!

Have you created anything exciting over the holidays?



debs14 said...

Oh wow! That is amazing Abi - so pretty - you must be thrilled with how it came out.

Laura said...

Yay!!! It's gorgeous!!! Love the jelly roll you picked! It's a lovely pillow isn't it? I love mine. So many people comment on it and say that they want one! :)

Beverly said...

That is gorgeous and huge!!! I love the design and the colors, well done, Abi :) I shared my latest creation on my Pinspiration blog post yesterday. I am actually pretty inspired this week....a good thing ;)

Lizzie said...

W.O.W.!!! Gorgeous Abi, really fab. It does look very difficult and complicated (though I am willing to believe your assertions that it's not hard to make!). It also looks very, very beautiful and colourful.
I would claim to be ever-so slightly, a teeny bit, jealous - except that my conscience tells me I have no right to be, as you made it yourself and deserve all the credit for your very hard work!
A fabulous project, with great results.
I definitely agree with "middle brother's" assessment - most professional-looking!

Deena said...

Gorgeous! Just out of curiosity- did you make the second smaller one with your remnants?? I'm also waiting for a jelly roll to fall in my lap to start mine! Great work!