31 January 2012

Tutorial tuesday- How to get your mojo back


I haven't been around here much. I am sorry. But, when the mojo is gone, it is gone and that is something I have really been struggling with these last few days. I had got to a point where i couldn't really see what to blog or where to go with this.

So. I sat down. I wrote. I wrote a list of things I like when I see other blogs..
-beautiful photos
-real life

I then wrote out a list of ways I could achieve that.
Putting the two together wasn't the hard part. The hard part was finding the missing ingridient...STRUCTURE.

I admire bloggers who can post several times a week. With working I thought this just couldn't happen. Then I thought about the many women out there with children, a house, a husband and work. They blog nearly every day. Why couldn't I?

What I was missing was a clear guidline to follow, a structure so I knew when and what to post. I sat down, thought and wrote one out.

So. In the coming months that is just what will happen. Each week (God willing) There will be a core number of posts around things I love, things in the above list that I like to see in other blogs. There will of course be the random post thrown in here and there-can't let things get boring can we!

This starts today with Tutorial Tuesday. This is my tutorial. How (according to Abi) to get your blogging mojo back!)

Thanks for stopping by (the picture has no relevance. I just love it!)

loves xxx

(These are just my thoughts, not a difinitive answer just my way of solving a problem. Please tell me if this inspries you in any way! Love to share the love.)


JO SOWERBY said...

u are so cool doing this live. i love the way u have faced ur issues and made them the focus for moving forward. look forward to seeing the new structure and blogging over the next few weeks,
jo xxx

Lorraine said...

I love your title. Feel like doing a tutorial?