4 January 2013


At the moment I am listening to Miranda Hart's new book read by the author. It is making me laugh out loud and is nice to put on in the background while I craft or blog hop around.
In terms of music I have just found Scala and Kolacny brothers. Their cover of perfect day is particularly beautiful and was featured on the Downton advert for series 3. Who wouldn't want to listen after that accolade!

R.F Delderfield, To serve them all my days. I have read this book a few times before- hence the dog eared nature of my copy. It is a story of a first world war soldier who is invalided back to Britain and winds up working in a public school. A beautiful story with a real heart, which I am particularly enjoying now I am studying Public Schools as part of my degree course.

I seem to continually show beautiful folds of material on the blog but very rarely show what I have made with them. This is, unfortunately, another case in point. I hope to make this into a triangle quilt or possibly use the blue material to make a skirt.

Slippers. It is January, my feet are cold, my slippers are warm. (This is why I would be rubbish at writing a fashion blog! Please don't expect edgy fashion from here each month- slippers and jumpers are your lot.)


alexa said...

This is a nice feature - are you going to be doing it regularly, Abi? Thank-you for the intro to the music - the photo is certainly superb. And I'm with you about sartorial elegance on the feet all the way :).

Eve said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric! Do you have any places you recommend to get fabric from? :) x

Karen said...

Love this, Abi! This is actually a post I think I could do on a regular basis if you don't mind me lifting it someday!

JO SOWERBY said...

Love this new series Abi. I have fond memories of ''To Serve them all my days'' from watching the TV serie teenager. It is my dad's fave programme and book too. I have the DVDs if you ever want to watch them,
Jo xxx

Ruth said...

I love To Serve Them All My Days ~ my copy is about 30 years old. It had particular resonance when I was a boarding school housemistress. I'm curious to know what you're reading at uni, given that you mentioned having to study public schools.
Happy New Year!