7 January 2013

Project Life- Week 1

I don't really know how to start this because I was pretty set at the end of 2012 that I couldn't do Project Life. 
I was pretty irritated about it to be honest because, for the first time in months, I was excited about scrapbooking. I have been following quite a few bloggers who have enjoyed project life and I knew it was something I would enjoy too. 

The big thing holding me back at the end of last year was cost. After adding up a core kit, album, page protectors etc, the cost was really mounting and on my budget wasn't feasible. I also had no way of printing photos at uni on a weekly basis. 

So reluctantly I shelved that idea and thought that perhaps, sometime in the future when I am settled, I will be able to do P.L. 

Fast forward to a week or so ago and I was playing with photoshop elements. I often download elements for free from various digital sites and it struck me that maybe there was a way to do P.L digitally. 

On a whim I typed " digital Project life" into google. 
Everything I needed. Template, core kit- from one of my favourite bloggers, Elise Blaha- and photos on my computer. 
And the price? £10 for the whole lot.

Now, a few years ago I was very skeptical of digital scrapbooking. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to give up glue and paper. I talked more about it here. 
Now, I totally get it. 

I am so excited to share my week 1 pages. 
I used elements of the Seafoam kit, the Olive kit and my own graphics. 

I wanted to keep digital P.L as close to how I would do it in paper. Therefore I combined my own handwriting in certain parts and chose just two fonts to use in the whole album. Arial in capitals and then this lovely, free, handwritten font called PR8 Charade. 

The first page focuses on my one little word for 2013, the thoughts around that and the decision to start project life. I didn't really follow any pattern, just popped photos and writing where I thought they looked best. My goal with P.L is to focus on the story. Plain and simple. 

The second page was based around my previous blog post and contains more photos from the shoot the boy and I did at New Year. There is also some journalling with instagram photos from the week. 

My title page was so fun to make. I combined a lot of my favourite elements and photos to try and get a visual picture of where this project is going. 

How I think P.L is going to practically pan out: 
The advantage of going digital is that I can have photoshop up on my computer, and load photos into it as and when. Therefore I see the page taking shape over the course of the week. 

I aim to post each Monday with my two page spread.

I am planning, at the end of each month, to send my completed pages off to be printed and then slipping the prints into a 12x12 album. I really want a tangible album to flick through. This really does though depend on cost but hopefully by doing a few each month it won't be too high! 

I am so excited for this project. A project I never thought I had the time to do or afford. 

Scrapbooking-I'm coming back!  


alexa said...

It looks wonderful already, Abi! I'm glad you have found something which is going to work for you. These happy smiling photos are a great way to begin ...

scrappyjacky said...

So glad you've found a way to do it,Abi....and you've made a wonderful start.
Could you not make the album 8 x 8....then you could print it yourself....which would be much cheaper?

Abi said...

I don't have a printer at uni Jacky as I just use the department ones. I think it could be a bit cheeky to print out my layouts there! xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

Ooh, Abi you have totally inspired me. I've often wished I could do Project Life to, but don't think I would keep up with it either because I can't print photos at home. I've seen other people doing it digitally but they haven't given me that tingly feeling like yours has! I'm sure I could do it this way.

Have you found anywhere that can print 12x12 prints? I can't find anywhere in the UK online. I did find a couple of photobooks like this one: http://www.jessops.com/photo/photo-books/large-photobooks/xl-photobook.html but I'm think even with waiting for a discount code this would still be expensive. I'm thinking I might try and do it at A4 size instead so it's easier to print - do you think that could work? x

Amy said...

Abi, I have loved seeing your foray into the digital world - I haven't looked back since I started and now would be lost without the convenience and cost effectiveness of digital scrapping.
I am not sure of your printing plans, but, here in Australia, printing 12x12 pages is difficult and very expensive. Making photobooks in 12x12 size is relatively easier and companies like Snapfish have regular sales of 50% off and more ... I have taken advantage of these several times in 2012 and the results were great. I have also worked out that I can print an entire year of 12x12 pages - double ones for PL in the one book, as in you can have that many pages in the one book and it still isn't too overwhelming.

Keep a photobook in mind for a printing alternative - it was the next step/hurdle in fully coming to terms with the ease and convenience and simplicity of digital scrapping for me ... and the results are fantastic.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you make PL your own - good luck!

Amy said...

I meant to also add, I used to print my own pages - I have an extremely good Epsom photo dedicated printer ... the quality of the photobook is far superior and worth the time to send off and have made.

Barbara Eads said...

I especially love your just BE. Those are my initials, so it has special meaning for me. Loved your layouts.

Abi said...

I am really considering this option Amy. I have found a site over here that will print 12x12 for 85p a time which sounds good but I don't know what the quality will be like. I have used blurb books before and have been so impressed. I will check out snapfish too! xxx

Karen said...

What a perfect solution! I tried some digital scrapbooking but wasn't very happy with it. This, I could see doing, and I'm quite sure I'd like it much better now that photo books are so readily available.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Well done Abi!

Angela Toucan said...

thank you for sharing this, all the best with your project.

Lorraine said...

Awesome. It looks great. I am enjoying my digi PL course and love the end result. I am drawn to digi more than hands on but have a core kit from last year. Will probably try some hybrid LO's or just plain ole do what takes my fancy. (as you can tell I am still processing) I'll look forward to seeing your pages.

Missus Wookie said...

Have a look at Cathy Zielske's blog - she has lots of freebies for PL, journaling/quote cards etc. Fun to play with too.

There is a Costco in Gateshead - http://www.dur.ac.uk/hr/benefitsplus/staffdiscounts/costco/ You might be able to find someone who'd be willing to pick 'em up for you.

Costco do big 12x36 prints were you can fit three LOs side by side for £6.61 I've found the quality good and the prices nice :)