14 January 2013

Project Life week 2

Hello! It seems like a long time since I posted and I apologise for that! I headed back to university last Tuesday and then went on a church retreat. A wonderful time but not so much chance to blog! I am excited to be back and begin blogging again at Durham. I have a few things planned for this week including a photoshop tutorial. But for now, project life. 

Second week into this project and I was so excited. I am still taking most of my elements from the seafoam kit and the olive kit. Both in digital editions. This week I mostly had instagram shots. I have decided to not be too fussed over the ratio of camera to phone photos. For me, P.L is documenting the everyday and that, more often than not, happens to be on my mobile.

These pages came together easily because there was a lot I wanted to say this week. I like that the combination of the Walden filter on the instagram photos and the pale colours of the olive kit make these pages very soft.

My first page documents the emotions I felt coming back to uni. Again I used one of my own stamped sentiments. This time I overlayed it with the photo of my suitcase. It was important to me to recognise that coming back was hard, in part after having such a good holiday. I want P.L to be real so recording the emotion is key for me.

I used two of my own graphics on this page. Both of the Kraft cards I created on photoshop. Stop by  on Wednesday for a quick photoshop tutorial.

The second page was so much fun to make. I really wanted to make the picture from platform nine and three quarters big but couldn't work out how to do it! After a while of muttering, playing around and frustration I got it, and thankfully love the effect!

I also played around with using a small photo on a journalling card. The journalling here documents the train journey back to Durham with my friend, the fun we had together and then the joy of being reunited at our Church weekend away.

As before I am using just two fonts for the whole album, a handwritten font and Arial in capitals.

Last week I posted about printing out my layouts. After some kind comments from blogging friends I realised that this actually wasn't financially sensible so instead, I am going to create them into a blurb book at the end of the year. I am so excited for a years worth of layouts to be bound up in a hardback 12x12 book!

I am loving Project Life.


scrappyjacky said...

Great pages,Abi....and I love the idea of a Platform 9 3/4!!!

Beverly said...

Love what you did with the Platform 9 3/4 photo. Thanks for sharing the font link, I am of the mind one can never have too many fonts :)

Lynn said...

Love your pages - a book with them in at the end will be fab.

Jo.C said...

Hope you remembered your willies - I'm figuring you're needing them at the mo. great pages.

humel said...

Love it, Abi! Fabulous :)

I'm doing Project Life this year too, though mine will be a paper version - spent the first couple of weeks collecting photos, 'stuff' and my thoughts, and will start putting it together soon!

Jennifer Grace said...

Oh, you are so making me want to do project life in digital, but I just can't work it out on my own. I am going to take Jessica Sprague's workshop to help me but I can't afford it yet, maybe at the end of the week on hubby's payday! I love your 9 and 3 quarters photo!!! x

Karen said...

This is just wonderful. Digital would take me just as long or longer since I lack your skills. I'm starting an 8 week course in Photoshop this week, so perhaps that will change. Making a Blurb book is high on my list to "to do" this year.