16 June 2013

Giveaway winners..

So I asked this lovely lady to help me draw the winners of my "made in Britain" tape giveaway. (More pictures of the ball to come!)

The winners are

Debs14 and Miram.

If you two ladies wouldn't mind emailing me your address and I can get your tape sent out! (My email link is just under my header.)


debs14 said...

I just happen to have a quilt that will look perfect with it! How lucky I am, will email you later. Thank you!

alexa said...

Great photo - don't you look swell, both of you! Many congrats to Debs and Miriam and it will be fun tracking how your generous gift gets used :).

Miriam said...

Thank you Abi, Now I can never again say 'I never win anything"

Karen said...

I'm quite sure both will find a wonderful use for their prize.