24 June 2013

Life right now according to instagram

This last month seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. There was the mad rush to the end of term with all sorts of events and then the chaos of packing and moving. I am home now though so hopefully a more normal blogging schedule.

This is what life looked like in June...

Top row left to right: chilling in the sun (which didn't last long I hate to say). We went on lots of walks and took sunny photos.

Middle row: A treat after exams finished, pimms on the lawn and getting my reading list for the Harry Potter module next year.

Bottom row: Dramatic summer skies, having a relaxing Sunday after a late night and staying up to watch the sunset.

Top row: Enjoying strawberries, chilling with the boy and taking lots of photos of clouds.

Middle row: I taught my friend how to sew her own camera strap. My favourite shoes bit the dust. We got Henna paint at our college day.

Bottom row: Visiting the beach, a final view of the cathedral and leaving Durham.

Such a good month. As always if you would like to follow me on instagram my username is abibeach


Kirsty.A said...

Harry Potter module?? That's my kind of course!

alexa said...

Welcome home! Love your henna'd hands ... And a Harry Potter module? That sounds fascinating!

Sian said...

The year has gone so quickly..

Beverly said...

Have to say I am thoroughly enjoying Instagram. I am glad you have gotten to the point of the year that you relax and enjoy life in a more relaxed mode for a bit...and create!

Sinead said...

Love your Instagram posts Abi! So lovely to see a snapshot of the everyday moments of a month together :D xx