9 June 2013


June, and the Sun seems to have finally started to get its act together. This is what's been happening this month. 


Paper Aeroplanes. These are a new find. They are soft and mellow and I can't stop listening to them. This song is "little letters" but give their album a listen because there are some gems. 

I am in-between books at the moment which is frustrating so I think another trip to the library is in order. I have finished two books by Victoria Hislop, "The Thread" and "The Island". Both were so good and real page turners. 

In my head are the plans for a sewing project but I'm afraid no pictures as of yet.

I have spent my week in this t-shirt. Hence my lack of commenting and blog reading! I'm sorry. I missed stopping by your slices of the web and I missed posting. I had the best week though doing community work and mission with my church.

What are you reading, wearing, planning or listening to this  month?


alexa said...

Your time was clearly very well spent and that's a lovely photo ... Off to google about the music. I like the sound of 'mellow' :).

Sian said...

I'm reading a book about the Vikings at the moment. I then I have one on "the power of the story". I'm looking forward to it.

Hannah P said...

Yay playlist! :D

Miriam said...

I like the sound of mellow too...you are far too young to know what I am listening to at the moment... I feel old just thinking about it. I like that track, thanks.

Lea Lacoste said...

Love that song!! thanks for sharing
I just finished Mindy Kaling's biography (which was awesome and funny), not sure what's next, maybe the Night Circus

Beverly said...

Love how you have spent your week, hope you'll be sharing more about it.

Sandra said...

I did take my summer clothes out recently but the weather today has made me wish I hadn't lol.