14 August 2013

Project life- scrapbooking a holiday

I came back from holiday with far too many photos. Normally this is a cause for celebration with project life. This time it left my head in a muddle. 

I didn't want to prune out a load of photos and thereby miss some of the story but at the same time I have a finite amount of time and will power to get these project life spreads done. I knew I needed to do them fairly swiftly when we got back because I have a memory like a sieve. 

I therefore set myself a few rules. 
a. I had a weekend to do it in ( you know how much I love my deadlines!) 
b. I could work over as many double page spreads as I needed to. 
c. I didn't have to create a page in the same way I normally do. I knew the pages would be photo heavy and word heavy and that was fine. They would be different but I chose to roll with that! 

So off I set and I'm pretty happy with how my layouts turned out. I split the holiday into three double page layouts. Weeks, 31a, 31b and 32. 
I knew that I would struggle in a few months time to remember where each of the places were so I created a simple time stamp with what day of the holiday it was and the place we visited. I then added this to any photo I felt needed it. I hope this brings a little bit of consistency to the pages. 

Other than that I just went with the flow and what felt right. Chronological felt good and I chose pictures based solely on which told the story best. I used the old technique of putting more than one photo on a journalling card to try and squeeze them all in! 

I guess I used less techniques on these pages. Most of the time it was just a journalling card or writing directly on the photo. 

Although I was set to go in a chronological order I knew I wanted one page at the back with photos and a little journalling card with my thoughts. I chose my favourite photos and let them speak for themselves. 

I am coming to realise that one of the joys of project life is that big moments and little moments sit side by side. That there can be two weeks like this where there is so much to cram in and there can be weeks when not a lot has happened when the photos mostly consist of the odd project or the view from my window. I think I'm learning to roll with it. Life is in no way consistent and hey, my album won't be either! 


Jo.C said...

Think they look fab Abi and really work well x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think you chose just the right number of spreads to showcase your photos and record the memories. I had to smile at the light house story!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Fantastic, Abi! And I love your thoughts on Project Life. :o)

Amy said...

You have dealt with a holiday and putting it together so well - I am still cringing over my crowded pages from the start of the year! I have learnt a lot during the past 30 odd weeks.
Abi - this looks stunning!

debs14 said...

You've captured the flavour of your holiday perfectly in these pages.
I've always shied away from PL as I'm not sure I would always find something to say about my week, but I think you've hit the nail on the head. Life isn't consistent and neither will your PL album. Maybe next year ...

Sian said...

..and then when you look back you'll be able to say "Oh, that was a wonderful week" and it will all be there to enjoy again

Sinead said...

Abi, this is so gorgeous - you really captured the holiday feel and the mix of photos and journalling is just perfect :)
P.S. Got home safe and sound today, still can't quite believe we got to meet in London, it was so brilliant. Watch the blog for some pictures and the story soon! xxx

Lea Lacoste said...

cool spreads, love the time stamp idea!
i'm doing the same for my 4 days trip to London, picking the photos out of the 300 i took was quite the challenge lol

alexa said...

These are so rich in detail and atmosphere and I really like the semi-transparent journalling over the top of the photos. You have done well to dispatch a whole holiday so fast!

Ruth said...

You've done a great job and it will be lovely to look back and see the everyday cheek-to-cheek with the not-so-every-day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic way to chronicle your holiday! I love that Roald Dahl quote.