9 August 2013

The holiday stories- the story of two beach's

I have a lot of holiday photos. I take pictures both on my SLR and on my phone. Whilst away I uploaded a lot of my phone photos straight to instagram. I am going to write a post about how helpful this was for me.

That said, a lot of you have already seen a lot of photos on instagram so rather than give you long posts full of my holiday pictures that you have already seen I thought I would give you long posts with the stories as well! Don't say I don't treat you right.

So the first story is a tale of two beach's.

To fill in the background I went on holiday with the boy and his family. We travelled to Brittany which is part of the west region of france.

I love the beach. I grew up near a beach, I lived on the Falkland Islands for a year and I am a Beach! When I knew we were travelling to Brittany I was excited because it meant plenty of excuse to explore the coast.

The first day we woke up to a grey sky and the sort of rain which looks like a drizzle but gets you wet in five seconds. Undeterred we headed out to a coastal town to have a pootle around. It was beautiful. Inbetween showers we walked along the pier gazing out at the harbour and found a sweet little church with an Abi sized door.

As we walked back along the walled pier I gazed out at the other side. The side opposite the harbour. And there it was. A stretch of long coastline. Totally deserted.

I was insistant that we went onto the beach and the boy rather reluctantly accompanied me. I have to admit that I was maybe a touch optimistic. We looked very English there in our rain coats and jeans determined to enjoy the coast whatever the weather. One of us chose to paddle (you can guess who) and regretted it on reaching the sea and finding it icy cold.

Nevertheless the camera had to come out and I had to document this first trip to the beach.

The second trip came later in the week and couldn't have been more different.
The weather had finally perked up and although there was a breeze in the air the sun was bright.
That morning we pulled out the map and scoured it for a good looking stretch of coastline. We picked a spot pretty much at random and jumped in the car with our swim kits.

We found this. Perfection. A long long stretch of coast, not too crowded and a clear blue sky.
My idea of heaven. I paddled in the sea without turning blue, I sunbathed and played beach tennis.
What I didn't do though was put enough suncream on.
So I burnt. On my knees. On day three of the holiday. It was a good look.

Clearly me and the beach are not destined to be best chums!


Ruth said...

I spent 3 weeks in the south of Brittany on an exchange when I was 14 years old. It was beautiful. Love the contrast in the colour of the sky!

alexa said...

I have very happy memories of a couple of holidays I. Brittany with the children - with both warm and indifferent weather! But it is always so wonderful to be on the shore! Glad the Boy got two beaches!

Amy said...

I love any post from my European friends when they show me some of the lovely countryside so easily accessible to them! It looked and sounds as though it was a great time away.

Lea Lacoste said...

i love Britanny (though i somehow never go there lol) but i lived in Nantes for a while so i enjoyed a lot of weekend at the beach! glad you had fun ;)

JO SOWERBY said...

When I went to Lyme it was cloudy and I still got burnt. Go figure. Glad you a gr8 time. I too love the beach. Best places ever,
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

It does look like a wonderful beach...despite the sunburn!

Sinead said...

Love this Abi, and I agree that going to the beach is an essential part of a holiday :D Brittany looks so beautiful. I hope the sunburn wasn't too painful xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the beach, no matter what the weather!

Lou said...

Southern Brittany is a fabulous to holiday. I started following you on IG last week when i joined it...so i'm off to read your post on IG tips. Great photos looks like you had a super holiday

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Such beautiful photos, Abi. I loved seeing your Instagrams while you were traveling, and I'm looking forward to seeing more here on your blog!