20 January 2014

Simply a moment- January

Sunday evening:
I'm sitting at my desk, cold feet balanced on the top of the radiator.
After a term of being stingy with the heating we have decided to turn it on a bit more and I am enjoying sitting at my desk with only one jumper on.
The blue light from the computer glows on my hands as they tap away.

The creak of a door floats up the stairs and I hear the bubble of talk interrupted by laughter.
We are enjoying being back together as housemates.
I feel like an island sitting at my desk, surrounded by a sea of paper and a mound of "things'.
Vaguely organised piles are reminders of things to do, quilt blocks to post, books to sort out.

I turn back to the computer screen and try and sort through the emails and reminders.
I like this part of term, the schedules and the planning and the jotting down of notes in the diary.
It's almost like being an observer. Seeing the term as from above and watching how it will unfurl in the pages of the filofax.
Come Monday I will be in the thick of it again but for today, I am enjoying simply observing what will come.

The dusk creeps in and soon my Island is a sea of light in a gloomy room. The list next to me has grown longer as the light has got shorter. Inky patterns across the page, join the piles of "things" in reminding me what needs to be done and sorted. They speak of busy-ness and gosh, how I know that I need to be kept busy to stay happy.

I glance at the clock, it is nearly time to head out for supper at Church. I hear the soft pad of socks on the stairs. "knock knock" comes the voice and a head pops around the door grinning away. I grin back and pull on my boots ready to head out. A Durham term awaits in all it's buzz and chaos and excitement. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Today I am joining in with Alexa's beautiful meme, "Simply a Moment." Do stop by her blog to read both Alexa's words and other bloggers as they record their moments. 


alexa said...

Cold feet on the radiator - oh, that brings back memories of my own, Abi! I've enjoyed the anticipation and excitement in your words at a new term and all it will bring for you and your housemates in your little home together. Hoping the week goes well, and I am always touched that in the midst of a full and busy life, you make time to share a moment in depth with us - thank-you :).

Miriam said...

My mum would be saying "you'll get chilblains!" (or piles if it was your bottom she saw perched on the rad) LOL. Great moment Abi

Sian said...

It brings back memories for me too - we used to put 10p in a jar every time we had the heat on for a hour so we had enough to pay the bill by the end of the quarter

Lou said...

ahh I love the little insights into your student life x

Ruth said...

Feet on the radiator ... such is the life of the student!

Sinead said...

Such a lovely moment Abi, a perfect description capturing an everyday and perfectly lovely moment! It seems you've settled into Durham again :) By the way, I booked my flights to visit my friend!! I hope you're around sometime between April 21st and 24th :D Fingers crossed x

Missus Wookie said...

Ah - lovely moment. I liked the idea of being an observer for the term, its something I like too. Sorting out the year or month or whatever, slotting known things in seeing the gaps and wondering what will fill them. Glad that you are back and able to only wear one sweater and warm your feet.