8 June 2014

Phrase and photo

Get your photos at the ready and pick up to twenty words to tell their story.
It's that time of the month again...

This month the link will go live in the evening of the 9th as I am participating in a blog hop and don't want the two posts to collide! Feel free to post your photos through the day and then when I set the post up I will try and collect as many as I see and link them up! 


Lea Lacoste said...

oh cool! I had my photo ready but i was wondering if you were going to skip this month due to the blog hop :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Mine's all set to go!

alexa said...

Thank-you for the reminder :).

Sian said...

I'm hoping to have one ready for Tuesday, if that's okay

Maria Ontiveros said...

Here's the link to mine for tonight (if you could link me up, that would be great, as I'll be traveling).