20 September 2014

Project life- holiday version

Thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. It was a hard one to write but your words of encouragement and kindness put a smile on my face. 

Despite what it might appear like on the blog, I am still doing project life and am reasonably well caught up! Posting the layouts has been a different matter all together. 
I am going to kickstart posting them again by sharing some holiday spreads. 

I always struggle with holiday photos in the project life format. Project life is a gem for documenting the everyday but I find it a challenge to document a week of lots of photos and lots of stories. 

I started off by accepting this was not going to look like my other pages. My main focus was to use my favourite photos and tell the stories of each day. 
I therefore gave myself a bit of slack with the normal two page spread week. I used four pages instead and kept it super simple with a layout of just 4x6's. 

I love the look of white boarders so used a template to create this each time and then added more or less photos depending on the stories to be told. 
I also created a 'date tag' to keep track of what day of the holiday we were on! Useful to look back on next year when it has all blurred into one! 

Most weeks my pages have a fair number of photos however on holiday I typically come away with hundreds. It was such a mission to try and pare that down so I used lots of collage type spreads and tried to keep each 4 x 6 block simple. 
I stuck to a simple colour palette of red, blue and neutrals to tie in with the american theme. I wanted these colours to be subtle though so picked them out of the patterned paper. 

Overall i'm pleased with the spreads. To me they don't feel too overwhelming which was my main concern. I am excited to get back to my normal PL weekly spreads though. There is something calm and satisfying about documenting the everyday! 

How do you scrapbook your holidays? 


Melissa said...

The white borders look really good and give the eye a rest and I love the collages and you colours too! Because I just let me photos fill as many or as few pages as I feel like I have bit more flexibility for holidays but for our last 3 big holidays away I've done photo books. I think for holidays of 1 week or less I would do exactly what you have done and just have them in my PL.

Jo.C said...

These look great - have you tried the new PL app yet?

Nathalie said...

These are absolutely fabulous! I love how you've unified the spreads with your great color choices and how it looks very clean with so many photos! To answer your question, I have the toughest time scrapbooking holidays because I get overwhelmed by the amount of photos... so they don't scrapped :( you've inspired me though!

Sian said...

Looks really good!

How do I scrapbook holidays? I make a few layouts about selected incidents and then I slip most of the rest of the photos into divided page protectors.

Sheena said...

Great PL pages Abi x
Loads to see but still a clean uncluttered feel x

KraftyKaren said...

Your pages are really lovely. I tend to take my favourite photos and make 12 x 12 layouts with them and just recently I have started using the PL page protectors to put all the other photos in that aren't good enough to shine on a layout dedicated to just one or two photos but still tell the story of the holiday.

Karen said...

I think this is a perfect way to document your holiday, and as always, your pages are simple, clean and lovely!

Conchi Lo said...

I love how clean it looks and the brigh of the photos.

Missus Wookie said...

I like the white borders on your photos. I've scrapped vacations by using some photos in the regular spread and adding in between the two week regular pockets a 6x12 of photos and journaling. Or more than one for a two week.

alexa said...

Such bright but clean and spacious spreads ... Your colour theme-ing is a good idea. What about just skipping the PL format for special occasions and having a 'holiday insert' with a different layout which suits your photos better? Then you could go back to PL pages - it would show up nicely and visually the holiday times form the bread-and-butter pages?