17 January 2015

On embroidery and making time for craft

This January I have taken up embroidery.
To most of my friends if I say this, I have officially confirmed that I am old before my time. I am ok with this.
Because, the embroidery I am working on is actually pretty rad. This is the Daisy Chain ABC's sampler from Alicia Paulson, the same creator of Miss Maggie Rabbit. 

Each letter uses a different combination of stitches and typography. I love fonts and I love sewing so its win win over here. I am only on letter 'F' at the moment but I like the slow pace and careful stitching of a project like this.

At the end of last year I was pretty worn out from a long term. As I approached the start of term two I got to thinking about how I can take better care of myself at uni.
Part of that is making time to be creative, turning off the screen and the academics and focusing on something whose only purpose is to be beautiful.

We have only been back a week but I am pleased I decided to take up this simple and pretty craft through the winter days.
Sitting in front of the tv isn't a substitute to keeping my hands busy. Making is part of my make-up and setting aside time each day to do it is making this January fly by!

Interestingly once I had shown my friends what I was working on, they were far more interested. Here's to making embroidery cool again. I may just start a revolution....just saying. 


Anonymous said...

Such a nice project: here's to being old before our time if it means we're doing something that feeds our souls!

Karen said...

I just love this! What a great idea to use different fonts for the different letters. I did much more embroidery when I was younger than I have now. I don't know if it was "in" then or not, but I enjoyed it.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That's lovely Abi. I imagine it to be a very restful craft. Perfect for stressful times.

JO SOWERBY said...

I have filling my hands with another C ..... crochet and having fun too
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Gorgeous,Abi....and still very pretty....as well as rad.

Sian said...

Embroidery has always been cool in my world :) It's a beautiful project and I bet it's going to help to keep you relaxed this term too

Miriam said...

Feeding our souls is just so important. I love that your project's only purpose is to be beautiful, and it is.

Lizzie said...

Nothing "old before your time" about lovely embroidery!
That looks really pretty so far - I would like to see what you do with the finished piece?

KraftyKaren said...

Beautiful and nothing old about it at all - I was 8 when my Dad (yes my Dad, he was taught to sew in the army and did the most exquisite embroidery)taught me. Hope you will share when you have finished. I must get my needle and thread out again - I forget how relaxing it is

Ruth said...

Your friends may mock you right now, but I bet they are queuing up for you to make them something, anything, before long.
Just sayin'.

Sandra said...

I'm a huge huge fan of embroidery and I think it's bang on trend, as they say lol

Lea Lacoste said...

being young is so overrated, seriously. love this!! embroidery is probably the one thing I haven't tried (yet), but I so love it! I keep pinning pretty pattern for the day I decide to give it a try! hope you'll share in progress photos on IG!