4 January 2015

Weekly markers in project life. Four ways to use them and a freebie

Last year I decided that I needed a better way to keep track of the weeks in my project life album.
So, a year ago I sat down and created 52 cards I could slot in each week. They were super simple and a really easy way to keep track of the weeks, especially when I had a few pages to catch up on.

I liked the system so much that I have repeated it this year with 52 fresh cards. (Although having made fifty one cards I then realised that I had miscalculated a week somewhere and had to start again from week twenty six. A few choice words were said to myself!)

I thought it would be fun to show you four ways I use weekly markers in my project life album. These ideas would work just as well for paper scrapbooking as digital. At the bottom of the post there is also a download for the weekly cards for you to use in your own album...

1. This is the simplest way to use weekly cards. Just pop them in the corresponding space. My files are digital so are easy to resize if the space is a different shape.

2. Use them as an overlay on a photo. Again this is easy to do in a photo editing program before printing the photo. Simply drag the digital weekly card over a photo to make a second layer. In photoshop in the layers panel, change the opacity of the weekly card to around 50%. I love using this effect in front of blurry photos or photos of scenery.

3. Get rid of the white background. This is very easy to do in photoshop. Again drag the digital weekly card over the top of a photo so it makes a second layer. In the layers panel, change the setting of the card from 'normal' to 'multiply'. In one click this removes the white background and then you can resize the text to suit your photo.

4. Use the weekly card as a journaling spot. Here, I have added some embellishment, drawn some lines on and added text about what happened that week. This is really easy to do and adds a bit more interest.

The cards were pretty easy to make and very simple so I would love to give them away. If you are interested in getting a set of 52 cards, just click the link below and download the files.


Download weekly marker cards here


humel said...

Love your work, Abi - and love your clear instructions :)

I'm excited to follow along this big important year with you! x

alexa said...

How kind, Abi, and they look great :). I especially like your tip about using multiply to get rid of the white background - I didn't know about this!

Karen said...

What a great idea!

Melinda said...

Thank you Abi! Happy 2015 to you!

Rhona said...

That's very sweet of you, thank you. They could come in very handy as I'm hoping to stay on top of PL this year (then again, I say that every year ;) )

JO SOWERBY said...

You're very clever Abi, hope you had a safe journey back to Hogwarts
Jo xxx

Rachel Brett said...

These are fantastic Abi, thank you so much for sharing them and how to use them! :)

Gail said...

Thanks so much for sharing them Abi. I'll be sure and come back to this entry once we're back home so I can save them on my computer and not the iPad.