27 March 2010

I'm home!

Happy Saturday all.
I am finally at home and very happy to be so! We had to clear our rooms this term so everything had to be taken home. This was my trunk halfway through packing! It was a bit of a squish in the car with three trunks, three tuckboxes, extra games kit bags, musical instruments etc, but we got there in the end!
This holiday is always one that I don't enjoy so much because of the dreaded revision, but..on the upside I am going to a rowing camp to France in 10 days so that is something to look forward to. As ever then, blogging will have to come in between a hectic schedule! sorry. In a strange way I actually enjoy the proccess of revision. I love to feel organised and it is quite refreshing to wake up early and then sit and excersise my mind for an hour with a glass of water and fresh fruit! I end up feeling very satisfied and productive! (well that's the theory anyway!) I think it's a lot better to start revision with a positive attitude than a negative one!
Anyway, asides from revision, I popped into my local craft shop with the intention of picking up these lovely yarns for a hat I am planning on making as a treat from work. Whilst there I realised there was a sale on! Well... I am proud to say I restrained myself as I figured scrapping hours will be very limited anyway but i couldn't resist this stamp reduced to £2.50! Bargain!
So.. a happy day! Work kicks in tomorrow! Eeeek! Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxx


Sian said...

Fantastic positive revision attitude Abi..I'm sure you'll get more to stick in your brain with that kind of thinking! And enjoy all the other bits of your holiday.

Lizzie said...

Glad you're home and relaxing for a while. Hope the revision goes well - at least you are organised and trying to stick to a schedule (never my best point...)
Enjoy the rowing trip. Sounds like fun and a change of pace before you start exams is a good thing. Gives you a chance to switch off and remember there's a "real world" out there too!!
Like the little stamp you bought - you could do lots with that one. Very pretty... just right for birthday card background papers, and for scrapping.. and maybe some of Rinda's over-stamping onto paper flowers too?
Have a good Easter break and a lovely Easter. Don't overwork - it doesn't pay in the end!