13 March 2010

I finally have time to Blog

Hi all.
I can't believe I have been away for so long! Yikes! I have had so much I have wanted to post but school has literally run away with me. We're fast approaching exam season so the essays are now coming thick and fast along with countless rowing regattas and a hectic schedule of lectures and mock interviews!
Anyway, I am back at last and it is the leave out weekend, so I am back at home for mothers day which is really lovely. I woke up this morning wondering where I was. It was the best feeling knowing I was at home and could sleep as long as I wanted! he he!
A bit of a catch up is in order me thinks.... On Thurday I had to get up at 5.30, (which really killed me!) and travel down to london to this river...The Tideway. I coxed the Womens Four for Schools Head 2010. Yep, it's a totally confusing course and the marshals get so strict but it was such an experience. If anyone watches the boat race we basically did the course the other way round. Started at chiswick bridge and finished at Putney. Over four miles! I was so glad I was steering and not rowing it! If you can imagine the river is over 100m's wide but the fastest stream is only 8m wide. ahhh! Serious battle for the best water. It was such an experience though and I'm pleased to say we came 8 out of 15 crews!

Photography news.. I have been experimenting with more water pictures. There is a little stream at the back of the school playing fields so I took a few shots on a beautiful summer day...It was such a lovely day, it finally feels like spring is round the corner!

These are two pictures that I edited. The first is in the style of typogrpahy artist Alan Kitching. The second is a very abstract picture of running water which I just love.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully another post tomorrow! Shock horror! Lol!

Loves xxxxx


debs14 said...

Good to have you back!
Just looking at that map makes me feel tired, well done on coming 8th, that's a real achievement.
I absolutely love the photo with the hand and the quote in the 'i' in 'Life' - brilliant!
Enjoy your weekend home with your mum, I'm sure she's thrilled to have you back to spoil her on mother's day!

JO SOWERBY said...

g8 to see ur back in the land of the blogging!!! :-). I too have been busy at school, I had some work this week for 4 days. Hope u have a lovely weekend, loving the pics. Did u win ur rowing competition, u didnt say?
Jo xxx

Sian said...

Good to see you back Abi! That sounds like a fabulous rowing experience, and a good result. As always, I love your photos (especially the one with the quote). have a good weekend :)

humel said...

Hiya Abs, lovely to 'see' you again :-) Great photos (as always) - have a fab weekend with your family x

Lizzie said...

The rowing sounds very exciting! I used to cox for a rowing eight when I was a little girl - but I wasn't very good and had to give up when the winter came, as I have reynauds' and started turning blue! Well done on coming in 8th on such a tough course - I do know how hard that bit of river can be to row - especially at this time of year, when there is such a volume of water.

It's great to have you back with us. Hope you enjoy your weekend at home, manage to relax and that you are a good girl on Mother's Day (lol!).

Love the photos of the little stream and the edited one with your hand.