14 March 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Hi All. Happy Mothering sunday to you! A day to celebrate our lovely mummy's, and here is mine... The best mum you could wish for.(the picture was taken a while back but it is one of all my all time fav's!)
The boys and I had got her a card and this necklace. I fell in love with it when I saw it in the shop cos the blues are just stunning and it is so aesthetically (if that is how u spell it!) pleasing! Me and the middle boy went into town together last weekend to buy it and I think we made the lady on the till in M&S's day! She was thrilled that we were buying something for mothers day and especially as we were buying something together! he he! Bless her! Also wanted to share another purchase. Me and two friends have started up a prayer triplet at school. It is the most amazing thing being able to tell them everything and know that they are praying about it. One thing that came up was the use of a prayer journal, to write down anything God is saying to you but also anything u want to remember to pray about. Now, the crafty lass I am, i wanted something a little bit special and pretty. After a trip to Paperchase I found this...Isn't it just gorgeous?! I love the floral pattern and the woodgrain and the bird and.... Yeah I basically love this notebook! So..this weekend is nearly over, sob sob! It's been so nice, quite relaxing, got some work done and really just enjoying being at home. One thing I have been doing is looking through Uni prospectus's and courses they offer and comparing them... My mum, bless her, has ordered literally dozens for me and my brother so my room now looks like a careers office! At the moment I am thinking of studying History possibly with education but that is only available at Durham and Cambridge so the other three would have to be straight History. Possible Uni's are Warwick, Cambridge, Durham, Southampton and maybe York. Durham is my fav but all of them are top uni's so we will have to see!
Anyway thanks for stopping by, hope u all have a lovely day!
Loves xxxxx


Lizzie said...

Love the necklace - your mum must be so thrilled with her present! I hope you (and she!) have had a good day.

Uni prospectuses... fab stuff. I wish you luck with your choosing and applications.
If your brother is also looking for his uni place, does that make you twins?

I like your little notebook. Have a good week back at school.

humel said...

Gorgeous necklace, lucky your Mum :-)

Fabby journal, lucky you! So pleased you've got a prayer triplet going, that prayerful support is invaluable x

debs14 said...

Cambridge is literally 30 mins from where I live and one of my fave places, you would LOVE it there! Difficult to get into, I know, but well worth a try. My friend's daughter just graduated from Warwick and enjoyed her time there too. Coincidentally, both my children ended up at Sheffield, one left in the summer as the other started in the October! Wherever you go, you will have the time of your life, make the most of every minute!

JO SOWERBY said...

wow such a busy weekend abi!!! love the pic of mummy, she is gorgeous and the necklace is beautiful. love the colour and design. i think u spelt aesthetically correctly, haha.
gosh, time for uni applications already, scarey. i can remember helping students write their personal statements, hardwork, mind u there is so much going on in ur life u are pretty well sorted for ideas to pput in. i used to live in cambridge and it a beautiful place place to live and study in and obviously has an amazing reputation but is hardwork to get into, southampton is also a g8 place to live and study, has a g8 student union cos alot of students from my old church run it!!!!!! durham has a good reputation and high standards and would again be an incredible place to live and study, u have ur work cut out for u choosing.
a love the idea of a prayer support network, that is something i miss form cell group in southampton although we still prayer for each other, it's not the same being so far away.
Anyway, good luck back at school this week, only a shirt while now until easter break,
Jo xxxxx