14 June 2010

One beautiful summers day

Yesterday was a good day.
The sun shone,
I went for a cycle ride and..
I took a lot of pictures which always makes me happy!
Here are just a few... Also..exams are all over so I am wandering around the house wandering what to do with myself lol! Mind you better start on that reading list preparing for interviews at uni. My teacher has told me if I am seriously considering oxbridge i need to do at least 100 hours of reading in the summer! eeeeek...best start today then! Lol! What have you all done this lovely weekend?
Loves xxxxx


Sian said...

100 hours of reading? I'll be passing that on to someone I know :) That third photo is just stunning.

JO SOWERBY said...

100 hours? wow that's alot but i suppose if it's sunny and u can sit outside and do it u get a golden glow and intelligence at the same time.
does this mean uve finished school now for the rest of the summer? i have also given u a blog award, hop on over to check it out.
Jo xxxx

humel said...

That looks like a lovely walk indeed :-)

100 hours of reading sounds blissful.... What a great excuse to get out of housework! ;-)

Lizzie said...

Ha, trust Mel to come up with the positive side of the reading! Mind you, 100 hours isn't so much, if you do a little every day. After all, if you don't have to go back to school now until September, you should be able to do an hour a day, with weekends off, and still get through it all! Even if you do have some school to finish, it should be "do-able" in small doses!
What do you have to read, by the way? And what are you hoping to Read at Uni; at which Uni. etc etc? (just curious... don't tell if you can't!).

The photos are great. I agree with Sian that the third is fabulous. I love the washed-out light look of it... very atmospheric and artistic! It would look great printed up large (12" x 15/18") and mounted on a plain block, on the wall. You should start an Etsy shop over the summer - make some pocket money for your Uni Fund!