28 June 2010


Happy sunny monday!
Just a quick post to say a MASSIVE thank you to Laura who has announced on her blog that I have won a free place to join this class of Shimelle's in the coming week! happy smiles! I am so excited because I saw the class and thought that is just the thing for me! I am however a poor student so decided much as I would have loved to do it, I would have to give it a miss! I saw Laura's giveaway and thought..lets take a chance! clearly paid off! he he! Cannot wait cos it co-incides with my summer holiday! scrappy time here I come. What a lovely end of exam treat!
Hope you all had a fab weekend!
Loves xxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Congratulations,Abi....you'll love it....see you in class!!

humel said...

Oh, hooray!! I'm so pleased for you :-) I'll see you in class too! xx

Lizzie said...

That's great, Abi - it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!
See you there...

Samm said...

Oooo Congratulations!!!

Laura said...

So so sorry... I have only just seen this or I would have commented sooner... I have added you to my google reader but I am way behind on my blog Reading at the moment! Lol!

I'm pleased that you are getting into the class... Can't wait to see more of your photos and layouts.

Super cute blog by the way!

L x