1 June 2010

A serious lack of scrappy time going on here!

Happy rather rainy yucky grey tuesday. in June????! JUNE! would you believe! I came back from school after a rather nice week of sun so packed lets say optimistically! So far I have had to borrow my brothers jumper and my mums cardigans. eeep!
The thing I figured was that I can layer clothes if I am inside and ultimately we're now in June right? therefore I feel justfied to wear shorts round the house, even if that is with a jumper on! Lol!
So besides my fashion disasters I am suffering from a serious lack of scrapbook time! Comes with having only one exam before half term. I now have several big exams next week ahhhhhh and a driving theory test to revise for!
So, as we have no scrap stuff to show I thought i would share a few fav songs at the moment...
1. The writer by Ellie Goulding. Beautiful song!
2.Eden by Phil Wickham. one he is THE most beautiful man, and secondly the lyrics to this song are amazing! Also listen to Cannons by him.
3. Hey Soul Sister by Train. It's just such a happy song to work to!
4) It's only life by Kate voegele. Also hallejuah by the same artist. So, music in the little world of Abi! Would really appreciate prayers for tomorrow cos I have my theory test and am rather worried I will fail! Thank you Oh and as a side, you know when you are a scrapper when your mum comes home brandishing a collection of paint chips she has successfully taken from a DIY shop under the pretence that she is painting her walls! Gotta love her! Thanks mummy! Thanks for stopping by Loves xxxxxx

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JO SOWERBY said...

ooh exam revision, i remember it well. i sat in the sun reading the mayor of casterbridge!!!!!!! music is a g8 way to get ur mood going i find. keep at it but make sure u have sometime for a little scrapping abi. all work and no scrapbooking makes abi a sad girl :-(
Jo xxxx