19 July 2010


Happy Monday
I have spent the day with an 11 year old girl..enough said. No, she is lovely and we had a great day doing lots of crafty stuff! mwah ha ha! i think shimelles class will take a bit of a back seat this week though!

Yesterday my family and I went to a living history day. It was amazing. Loads of battles, plenty of people dressed up in period costume and a real enthusiasm for history in general. It was a great hands on day and I took hundreds of pictures. Just a few here:
Plenty of Vikings!
The guy on the right wanted to buy me so I could become his slave! Lol!
Amazing craftsmanship here!
The littlest one thought the whole day was amazing. I mean whats not to love? Explosions, loud bangs, guns and swords!

Sorry for the short post. I finish nannying on thursday, so hopefully more of a blog post then! thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxx


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the first shot off the shields - really cool! I'm reading The Other Boleyn Girl right now, so this is all very on-point for me.

JO SOWERBY said...

wow what a cool thing to go to, one of the guys in my block goes to battle re-enactments, looks like fun. so babysitting an 11yr old! hmmmm maybe she could be come ur craft slave for the week and help to cut while u create and paste.
Jo xxxxx

humel said...

Enjoy the nannying :-) Looking forward to seeing more of your Shimelle class work when you do have time though! xx

Becky said...

Lovely photos. Hope you enjoy the rest of your nannying and looking forward to seeing more of your work from Shimelle's class :)